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Sergei's Journal

Longtime readers will recognize our one-eyed Russian blue, Sergei, who was born with only one eye and doesn't even have a socket on the other side. He is healthy, hale and happy at six years old, and extremely cuddly. Because of his bone structure, however, he projects a constant air of intense disdain, so even when he is being spooned by Kevin and has his head on Kevin's chin, you get the impression that he is NOT cuddling, he simply happened to be there and you were were in the way.

Let me know how much of a bribe is required to get your editor to accept Beowulf as a baseline for Hamster Princess and if s/he takes chocolate, booze, cash or all three.

I've been a long time fan of your berserker hamsters.
The longship is a favorite

That is a lovely sketch of Sergei. Beowulf is sort of a fairy story, it has a Queen (well a thane) A wicked dragon who transforms into a woman - if Disney can steal that, why not you.

I received Hamster Princess 1 this morning, as I used my boss's daughter's birthday party invitation (She's getting a Harry Potter-themed party!... my partner and I are invited as 'new professors'...!!!) as an excuse to order the book. And I have a few days before I _have_ to wrap it....

I'm SO glad to hear that New Hound is working out so well and upping the hug quotient. Yay!

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wow. I had no idea. thank you.

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Viking battle hamsters! I want this! I would so buy that for me and my daughter and donor copies for the Boys & Girls Club and the school library!

And having just caught up with Twitter, glad New Hound survived The Ghastly Chocolate Episode.

...actually I think that's pretty much the definition of cat cuddles, isn't it...?

Depends on the cat. Some are utterly shameless and always look like they're smiling at you while they purr.

And then there's mine, who's made of razors and drools when she's happy.

Yay for viking battle hamsters! :)

I'm voting for Viking battle Hamsters making an appearance... and you really couldn't screw up a version of Beowulf any more than Disney did, and are almost certainly going to do a lot better.

and yeah, Sergei is a delightful Bond Villain of a cat. [doesn't belong to a Bond Villain, but is one himself!]

A lot of cats seem to have that permanent disdain thing down...

As it was the prints of the Battle Hamsters that first led me to your art, and then later your writing mumblemmmph years ago, now, I highly endorse the idea of a Hamster/Beowulf crossover story.

I may also be in the process of memorizing Beowulf for live performance, and therefore have a slight bias toward anything that involves it. :)

I was not aware Sergei was even missing the eye socket; my Russian blue is a three-legger (pictured) that the woman offering for adoption neglected to mention was a three-legger.

She was afraid to mention he was three legged, because she was afraid that would make him less adoptable; in my book, that makes him more adoptable. As soon as I found out he was a tripod, that became his name.

.. what is mock chicken salad made of?

the cafe I'm in now makes an excellent mock chicken salad that I like better than the chicken one - it's spiced differently. I think the protein pieces are tempeh? not seitan nor tofu.

Speaking as a Scandinavian and as a Viking age re-enactor, I endorse a Harriet retelling of Beowulf.