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(no subject)

Bastard squirrels chewed a hole in the bottom of my finch sock, dumping it all on the ground.

They don't even LIKE thistle seed, they just want to piss me off! *grumble* Now I gotta go get seed to refill it...I'm too in love with the goldfinches not to...

In other news, a mere four hours remaining on what may be the last two originals that'll be auctioned off until after the summer con rush!


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And honestly, squirrels really aren't all that interesting to watch. One squirrel looks pretty much like another. There are no purple crested squirrels or golden warbling squirrels, I see the same kind of squirrels every day. No excitement there.

You ought to see the squirrels around here: Out of the common grey squirrel (and possibly some fox squirrels) we get Grey, Chocolate brown and black... and it doesn't stop there: Each of those colors can come with either red, brown or blonde tails.

Then we get these weenie little squirrels which are only slightly bigger than a chipmunk, but brick red. I'm sure they're supposed to be "Red Squirrels", but I always imagined red squirrels as being larger... and these don't have the characteristic "ear tufts" one associates with red squirrels.

But, that aside, you're right: squirrels are destructive little bastards.

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