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(no subject)

Bastard squirrels chewed a hole in the bottom of my finch sock, dumping it all on the ground.

They don't even LIKE thistle seed, they just want to piss me off! *grumble* Now I gotta go get seed to refill it...I'm too in love with the goldfinches not to...

In other news, a mere four hours remaining on what may be the last two originals that'll be auctioned off until after the summer con rush!


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If you’re willing to feed the squirrels as well as the birds then just get a style of feeder that the squirrels won’t /have/ to destroy to access the food. What we have, for both birds and squirrels is one of the wooden roofed feeders with fly in space and reservoirs made of two panels of plastic. We took out the reservoirs cause they kept getting clogged and the seed would go moldy. Every day we just put a tin can’s worth of sunflower seed onto the feeder and it’s enough for all the birds and the squirrels can gorge themselves easily.

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