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Celebratory Journal

We had a lot to celebrate! Between Kevin's birthday and the publication of the last Dragonbreath book (Book 11: The Frozen Menace) it was definitely time for some chimichangas and big frozen drinks with fancy straws.

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The Frozen Menace is awesome! But it is sad to see Danny go.

WAIT NEW DRAGONBREATH? How did I not know this was happening? Off to purchase.

I know, right? I'm getting the book to complete our collection just as soon as I finish looking at LJ.

Last one? Ah, well! Hopefully they will continue to be evergreens for a good long while and earn their keep for a LONG TIME.

*cheers your productivity*
*cheers the kevin's birthday*

A sad day! The Danny Dragonbreath series is the first book series my son fell in love with. I started reading them to him when he was in kindergarten in 2012. We came home to find the final book on our doorstep today. Thank you so much for the memories!
Jennifer Birchett

The first one came out just before my oldest was born, I remember waddling to B&N to pick it up opening day (because I know first week sales are a Thing and I wanted to support our Ursula.) now they are his favorite bed time reading!

chicken with mango margarita is my favorite chicken yet.

Hooray pub day! :)

ps I wished your Kevin a happy birthday on twitter but he probably thought I was some random weirdo. which may be true.

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I didn't realize it was the last Dragonbreath. *small pang* Mine still hasn't arrived yet.
We have a couple of years of Henrietta coming, though?

They've bought six so far!

Well, I guess all good things do come to an end. The only child in my house is my inner one, and she's greatly enjoyed Danny's stories. Got the last one today - and preordered the second Hamster one (which is in the other room and it's late)

You sure you don't have just one more Dragonbreath in you? Cause it's causing my eye to twitch a little that there's 11 of them; 10 would have been fine (a nice round number in our decimal system), 12 would have been fabulous (my favourite number, beautifully divisible), but 11... it's just so... prime. And not even a good prime, (good primes = 2, 3, 5, 7, and 13); in fact the first of what I mentally call the icky primes, which are pretty much 11 and all primes greater than or equal to 17. (You know how you taste the shapes of wines on KUEC? It's like that for me and numbers; non-small primes are too spiky. Comes from being a maths geek I guess.)

And as long as I'm going on a maths rant, has anyone pointed out the fractions error in Hamster Princess yet? (my headcanon is it's intentional, and all small children who write in about it get a free signed checkers piece or something)

I feel the same way about 11

So do I! But accountants make these decisions, alas.

I will get nr 11 on Friday, I didnt have time today to do the full book browse ritual for New Book Tuesday.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

9 years for Digger, 8 years for Danny, 7 for Harriet?

You ARE lucky. You get to be absurdly Ursula and produce things that are uniquely you, and we love them and can't get enough of them. But you also work hard and try to be a good person, and that counts for at least as much as the luck. :)

I didn't realize it was the last, but I'm certainly glad Danny got his fire-breathing problem sorted out. I'm really going to miss the bus system, though. Among many other things, of course.

Oh heck I didn't realize this was the LAST one! I am not going to enjoy explaining that to the boy. I hope I can get him into Hampster Princess as a consolation...

Also we may have to write some fanfic .

Congrats! Happy Garden Hen. :)

That is a lot to celebrate!

Dragon breath ordered, check.
Hamster princess pre ordered, check.

Huzzah for a successful series! May the Queen of Whimsy (Yes, i'm listening to the backlog of KUEC, what of it?) continue to be blessed with the Inspiration for more wonderful characters and book sales with dump trucks of money!

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