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Book of the Wombat 2015

Okay! So people have been asking for a book of all these little journal entries, and I have put one together over on Blurb. (There's also some photos and a little blathering and whatnot.)

Here's the thing...it's POD, it's a photobook, full color, the print quality is extremely high, and also it is ridiculously expensive.

It's 72 pages and it costs 36.99. I make a whopping $2 off it.

It is okay not to buy this! You are totally not a failure as a fan! I literally made this so I could order ONE copy for myself because I do these pages digitally and I wanted something I could look at later!

There is also a PDF version available through them. It is 5.99, and I feel that's absurdly high as well (I make $1 off it!) but if you really want a digital copy with all the journal pages in one place, you can get one! (Looks good on iPad mini, I can testify.)

I am very sorry that I can't get the price down any farther on those, but literally the only way to do it is to do an actual print run and have actual stock and that involves a zillion books and me having to mail them and I cannot cope with that. So this is what we've got. It is possible that someday we will have a better option available! This may not be your only chance forever! And I really don't expect anyone to buy it, and I really just wanted my copy. And one for my Mom. But people kept saying they totally wanted one, so...here's what we got.

If you would like to check it out--there's a preview, so you can see what it looks like--it's here.

(Yes, the plan is to have a Book of the Wombat 2016 and so forth as well. I just want 'em all for my shelf, since I don't keep physical sketchbooks anymore.)

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That is a fantastic way to sum up a year!

Must... acquire...all...the...Ursula...books...

Your art is wonderful and I do not have enough wall space. Books, though. Books I can do!

I keep wondering if there's not some better way to coordinate all your selling efforts. A bit like how you agent mostly deals with all the different publishers. Fulfillment service, minion+storage, something? It would be nice if your limiting factor was inspiration/time, rather than space.

Grumble, grumble, 20% VAT, grumble, grumble... BOUGHT.

Well, paid for. I am currently wrestling my internet connection to download it.

I admit to having saved a couple of those pages because they are so wonderful, and because they remind me about my goal as an artist: I want to be able to capture moments ideas, and really bad puns.

And thank you so much again for sharing these, they always make me smile.

You are hilarious. :) Of course, by the time I get to the end of that post, I want one in the worst way. :)

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