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Yardwork & Hound Journal

Hound's assistance is of course invaluable in all yard projects. Yes, that is a Hufflepuff scarf.

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There was an attractive trellis in my backyard, for the large climby purple flowery viney thing. It barely survived a tree falling on it, but was mostly okay after the surgical replacement of an eight-foot 2x4.

But one night, there was a raccoon or a possum or something similar sitting on top of it, and it did not survive the excited pitbull going directly through the center.

So now I have a 4x8' frame for a trellis, containing one trellis with cartoon-like dog-sized hole in the center.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for not feeling obliged to show us Cat with her Shaved Rump. Yes.

It looks like Hound is part basset? Those are basset paws, for sure.

Coonhound! Imagine a beagle crossed with a deer.

Oh, yeah…so is he a redbone?

[Pictured is my Jerry Springer, who was a field-bred springer spaniel that unfortunately I couldn't keep because he was insanely active for a one-bedroom apartment. I bet they're cut from the same cloth, so to speak.]

I should probably draw it...

My dad's eventual solution for those stakes, when we were trying to get moose fence around our little vegetable garden and had a lot of them, was a length of metal pipe with a metal end cap, large enough to fit over the top of the stake; he'd lift it and then drop it and let gravity do the hard part, rather than blowing out his shoulders with the mallet.

Hound is simply adorable.

I heartily recommend this type of post driver. If you don't want to make one yourself, they are commercial items that are sold wherever you buy your steel T-posts. It isnt just easier and faster than driving with a hammer, it is *tremendously* faster and easier. I also recommend the T-post puller for when you realize the post is in the wrong place. The puller yoinks them right out.

I finished Danny nr 11 last night... Iceworms! Ketsup Bottles! ... I do want the sked on that particular bus route he uses..

You _knew_ this would make it snow, didn't you?

I am learning what my yard is like in winter now. It's fascinating. The rose decided to put out a single bud in the middle of January. We have a bunch of bulbs popping up leaves that I didn't know existed. And I've found that the crabapple apparently does not like to drop its fruit on its own. Also, when the bushes dropped their leaves, we found that somebody had been putting their empty vodka bottles in there. Lovely.

I just repainted my garden gnomes. They were looking pathetic. That's all I can bring myself to do for the yard this week. I am dreading the delivery of bark we have to order soon. We need about 12-15 yards of it according to our neighbor who does landscaping. Ganesh, help us.

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