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Nothing Journal

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Its always disappointing when the snowfall fails to live up to expectations. We finally got the first snow of the winter and it was only a light dusting which was mostly gone by midday. Not what we were lead to expect by watching the fluffy flakes cascading down for well over an hour (sigh!)

Poor chicken looks so forlorn with her sled and all wrapped up for no-show snow!

My floofy cat Badb Catha

Had to have her butt regularly clipped up to keep cling-ons from distributing themselves all over the house, but she was so fuzzy I could get all the essential bits and you'd have to look hard to tell she'd been clipped.

But she was very, very fluffy.

That's my cat. He's so fluffy that we can't tell he's clipped. He hates it. But it's so necessary to avoid finding little surprises. He's such a clean cat outside of that issue. Always cleaning himself. We don't have to groom him in any other way, despite super-long fluffy hair. So thankful.

I did the same! Only not leaving the house. And with a cold. The cats approved.

will there be a funeral for the deceased stuffed monkey?

Up here in Boston, after the winter we had last year, I'm very pleased we have gotten almost now snow yet. I also found out today that you are the Guest of Honor for Arisia next year. I'm very pleased and look forward to seeing you again. If you need a local guide up here, please let me know.

I feel I benefitted greatly from your do-nothing day, myself. One doesn't often receive tech support from one of their favorite authors!

Edited at 2016-01-18 05:59 pm (UTC)

We didn't do nothihng; we drove out to the winery, stopping on the way at the Wegmans to get a tiny cheese tray, a vegetable tray, a small thing of goat-cheese-and-walnut-stuffed apricots, and some rosemary toast. And then we had a picnic, on the second floor of the winery building instead of outside, because it was 22F and windy.

Next, we're going to have more wine, and watch brainless movies: Zoolander, which I have not seen but she insists I should, and PCU, which she has not seen but I insist she should.

Yay Wegmans! I miss those.

(Deleted comment)

Good day?

Somehow I read "that was the start of a good day, but it didn't even think of sticking" as the Good Day didn't hang around.....nor did your snow, so I guess it works for both......

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