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Studio and Iris Journal

Somehow I thought it would take a day to clean my studio. It took three. It is now lovely and spotless and I will probably celebrate by going to the coffee shop tomorrow to actually work. (Alas, no, I have to do some art tomorrow, because life. And now I am completely out of excuses to put it off.)

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you got it clean, that counts for everything, even taking three days..

Just here to say I gulped down Castle Hangnail in... way less time than I expected. It really pulled me in. Wonderful writing as always. Thank you for writing.

I always look at other folks photos and see if I recognize any of the art or objects.

I think I see a whole row of Dragonbreath on a shelf ...

Re: iris -- or maybe it's now terrified that this is its last change to impress you before the compost heap!

Odd dates?

Am I the only one wondering how the "Month of Snow" with various minerals suddenly turned into "Month of Rain" with plants for 1 day?

It's the Jacobin calendar!

It always takes longer to clean if you have to organise things too. Far more complicated than just running a hoover over everything. (Having just said that I now envision an out of control vacuum cleaner ramping over all the surfaces dragging its operator behind it.)

Edited at 2016-01-22 12:36 am (UTC)

"They are expecting a major snowstorm soon. Must buy more wine."

First thing we did after hearing the forecast was to check the vodka supply. Well stocked!

Your pretty iris looks very much like some we had growing in our back yard when I was growing up in NW Florida. There was this odd spot on one side that always had a puddle where the frogs laid their eggs every year (kind of like a miniature pond two feet across and about 4" deep that never dried up) and it was surrounded by these lovely little short irises that bloomed only about 6" from the ground. My mom called them 'Blue Flags'; I've also heard of their being called 'Fairy Flags.' They were that same almost-blue/almost-purple with yellow streaks, and had probably been growing there since the house was built in the 1930's or even earlier. We had taller, more civilized-looking purple and yellow irises as well, but while I liked them too I loved the little Blue Flags best.

Your studio looks AMAZING. Three days? Meh; it's the doing that matters.

If I ever end up writing a porn collection or novel, I hereby swear that it will be called Whimsical Boxes.

Slightly OT but I just came across this and perhaps this is why your Iris finally bloomed - http://www.planetnatural.com/companion-planting/


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