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Snowbound Journal

Reader, I learned things.

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I love the chickens in these pages.

Somehow I suspect that mind expanded by fanfic, is wishing that things learned could be unlearned ... perhaps by judicious application of brain bleach...

If so; my sympathies.

I think one of the functions of fanfic is expanding your mind... XD (No, but really, I can imagine all too well.)

Any of those fics good enough to recommend? *manic expression*

(Deleted comment)
I think that way lies madness.

we dont have snow, but every couple of days I slash open a 20lb bag of seed for my flocks of birds. Small flocks, but I do have two coveys of quail that come here for snacks.

Why is there a whole category for 'Inappropriate Use of the Force'?

Because the Archive Of Our Own has awesome tag wranglers.

The fact that this is the Rainy Month tells me that France has a very different climate from the US east coast. We have about two and a half feet of snow here, and I'm not going to make it out to the bird feeders til at least tomorrow.

We had an oriole at the feeder while we were shoveling. First one I can recall seeing. Also, at one point yesterday, we had two different kinds of woodpecker arguing over the suet, the red-headed woodpecker and the upside-downy woodpecker.

Note: my personal taxonomy of birds divides them into the genus 'cheepy birds' and 'squawky birds', so I am by no means certain of any of these names. But I am pretty sure that was an oriole.

I thought I would have a more productive way as well since I cleaned off my writing desk yesterday. Turns out I really needed a nap instead. (I think I've written about 200 words. Sigh.)

Inappropriate Use Of the Force - sounds like there should be a Skippy's list for that.

Keep warm and safe and look out for desperate rare birds!

The news here keeps describing it as a Mammoth snowfall. So any signs of Ice Age denizens?

Is it me or is there a rather peeved poultry carrying a shovel? I hope that said chicken didn't give the snow "the bird", in spite of the desire to do that.

Yes. Definitely a cheezed off chicken. Or, perhaps: a Grimly Determined Garden Hen? Nope, there's definitely some browned off in that expression.

Puzzle Quest, you say? Which one?

I'm also curious. I'm playing Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Here in the NW, when we get snow, it's almost always lasagna, or as I call it, a snow sandwich. But we get the ice, then the snow, then more ice. I used to drive in the Midwest and Colorado snow with impunity, but snow sandwiches are scary.

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