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A new short story--or, anyway, new if you're not a subscriber--now available for free on Apex Magazine!


It's based on an old Southern folktale with a talking hog, and you know I couldn't pass that up.

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Thank you. Gah. Just.... Gah.

Guess I should go investigate the loud noises upstairs now (just the cats, humans are gone). But damn. That's a story.

Thank you. I enjoyed that. The narrative voice was very clear.

theres love and theres love and theres love and that is a story all about love and it put tears in my eyes and I am going to read it again on Valentines Day which is a holiday for other people and remember that theres a whole lot of different kinds of love and all of them are love


That was wonderful. I really loved the voice...

...someone is cutting onions in here. Bastards.

This was amazing. And the bits about being a witch reminded me so much of Pratchett, in the best possible way.

That was a fun little read. All the witches have my sympathies.

mr. kevin done trained you how to talk right, looks like

Makes a change from the usual faithful animal tale that I'm more familiar with.

Good folktale and yep, Silas did need killing.

So help me...

I can't help it. I kept hearing Rawhead in the voice of Scruffy the janitor. :-)

That is a brilliant story. I keep expecting to hear that some independent film maker or animator is making one of your stories into a short film.


Oh that's wonderful! And your speaking voice in this story is superb.

I never met a witch worth her salt who didn’t love her garden more than any mortal soul.


That's really good, Ursula. I also got a very Pratchett vibe to the parts about being a witch. And that's (to me, at least!) a good thing.

<3 <3 <3

The voice is spot-on.

This story kind of broke my heart a little bit.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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