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Awards Eligibility Thingummy

Because apparently people want lists of award eligibility thingies!

Short Story -

Pocosin - Apex Magazine
Wooden Feathers (as T. Kingfisher) - Uncanny Magazine
Telling the Bees (as T. Kingfisher) - Strange Horizons

Novel -

Castle Hangnail - Dial Books
Bryony & Roses (as T. Kingfisher) - Self-published

Graphic Novelmajig -

Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invicible - Dial Books

These are the things I have writ in 2015. If you are into awards, now you know! If you are not into awards, carry on, carry on.
There are many, many worthy souls and you should check them out, too, and vote as the spirit moves you, even if it isn't for me.

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Thanks. I find these award eligibility posts useful.

Me too. I have read all of these but it's hard for me to remember what year everything came out. Thanks!

kuec is a fancast, yes?

kuec is a fancast, yes?

Oh, oops! I almost wrote in 2 from 2016. So thank you for the list :)

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