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Cover Reveal!

Coming soon to an e-reader near you!

(I have good luck with skull covers, what can I say?)

Release date in early February, about to go out to my faithful proofreaders!

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I love your covers! And eagerly await this book's release.

Ooh! What a gorgeous cover!

No need to fix what ain't broke :D

Looking forward to this! I should go and write up my 2016 "looking forward to" calendar really, it's nice to have things to look forward to.

Ok! There, Book money planned for February :D Thank you, i can't wait to read this one!

Oh yay, we will have similar street dates! I'm planning Feb 15. :)

Oooh nice. Really lookibg forward to this one!


Can't wait to read it!

Very nice!
Can't wait to buy a copy =)

Coolness. Is this something you've ever posted a chunk of on here?

Looking forward to seeing what you did with the story.

Is this going to be as gruesome and grim as Seventh Bride?

Because I did buy that and read it, and it was good, but it was right at my darkness limit.

I know you're not good at calibrating how these things look to other people (viz. you thought Seventh Bride could be a children's story), but you know the story best.

Re: Is this going to be as gruesome and grim as Seventh Bride?

Nothing as bad as that one bit in Seventh Bride, but there is some potential squick in there. Easier to handle, in my opinion. - Faithful proofreading minion

Edited at 2016-01-29 09:04 am (UTC)

Ohboy! I finally got around to reading Bryony & Roses and straight up devoured it. Now I'm reading Robin McKinley's Rose at your behest. Having something else to look forward to is awesome timing.

I am ready to give you money! Which is from gift cards which I get for answering product/advertisement surveys! So it is never really mine, but it can be yours! Wheeeee!

... I may have had too much coffee/sugar for breakfast today. Anyway. Money. Ready to give you. Yay!

Edited at 2016-01-31 05:38 pm (UTC)

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