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Concert Journal

Whenever I go to a majorly metal concert, I look around and think "I wonder if I'm the only children's book author here...?"

I am forced to assume that they are all in the mosh pit.

But you had fun, right?

The last concert I went to was about 10 years ago and it was...Eagles, I think. I went with a bunch of friends who were older then me, but at least I knew the music!

Mosh pits are scary, but I am a small animal.

RE: But you had fun, right?

I think my last concert was 12 years ago and it was Styx.

I don't know what that says about me.

"Axe Day" is appropriately metal for this entry.

I think the last concert I went to was Dead Can Dance in 2012. Not a mosh pit kind of band.

Well, I haven't been to a concert in this millennium.

I saw the Rolling Stones in 1977, back before you all were born.

Au contraire! That was in fact the year I was born!

Do you ever listen to the beginning of TMBG's Flood and think "It can't be that long ago!"

Every so often. Geez, 26 years?

i was introduced to Primus and Green Jelly when they were still Green Jello while i was incubating the beastlyboy.

he will be 23 this summer. egads how time flies...

"I wonder if I'm the only children's book author here...?"

maybe the folks in the cow suits....

I did see Alan Parsons about a year ago at EPCOT… I remember when the first Project album came out.
Thanks to friends I got to go backstage, meet him and get the booklet from the Tales of Mystery and Imagination album signed!

I remember seeing Black Sabbath when Ozzy was still with the band.

Last concert I saw was Dire Straits back in 1985, and it was bloody amazing, Mark Knopfler is a virtuoso, a guitar players guitar player.

There is a lovely album (and I don't know if it's still in print) of duets by Knopfler and his US equal Chet Atkins. (Appropriately titled NECK AND NECK.)

I'll be 60 in October (oh, fuck, I will, won't I?), and I still go to concerts and small gigs and whatever as often as I can afford it, because music.

I've seen Tool twice, with my friend Jeff (one of the chairs of this year's Worldcon, MidAmeriCon II. First one had Meshuggah as the opening act. The band walked out, and everyone with a stringed instrument paused, then flipped their amazingly long hair forward in unison, and commenced playing. As far as we could tell, the same song, over and over. Jeff's son (~15 then) actually fell asleep. Tool was much better.

Now, Ursula, you're only a children's author if you THINK you're a children's author. But those of us who've been following you for years know better, yes we do.

Tool and Primus, huh? Quite a combo. Never saw Primus, but my brother and I caught Tool a few years ago up here in Jersey, and were blown away by both the band and the visuals. Walked away from the concert calling them "Pink Floyd for the Ritalin Generation." Glad you could see them too!

Can we just call Tool "Aussie Rules Floyd?"

And the Chicken rocks. :)

I last saw Devo, and before that... Devo. At the first of the two concerts I saw a woman wearing a "Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems" t-shirt. I told her I lost a lot of money when they suddenly went bankrupt in 1984. Hearing "Mongoloid" live was brain shattering.

I took my kids to see Devo too. I figured they should see the band before everyone died. I first heard Devo on Dr. Demento around 1977, so I totally get Ursula's picture of old folks trying to party.

I think the last rock concert I went to was a double-header of Johnathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants -- nerd rock at its finest. Audience members were throwing homemade Companion Cubes onto the stage.

Last live concert I went to was Burl Ives... or, wait... was it John Denver?
No way am I doing the math on those puppies!

The comments here are boggling my brain. And here I thought I was a shut-in because my last live gig was as long as three months ago.

(L7, FWIW.)