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Witchsona Journal

If you want to order I’itoi onions for your garden, they are available in limited quantities from Native Seeds. If you don’t have a garden but want to help, you can still donate or sponsor rare plant varieties through them. (I sponsored Sonoran chiltepins!)

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Of course your witchsona would have an awesome floppy-pointed hat and ghost pets...I'd probably have a staff, and a couple of intangible ravens that leave distressingly tangible droppings everywhere.

Although gardening for me is more looking at at some unidentified plant wondering what the bloody hell it is and trying to remember if I planted it or if it just arrived, and deciding what the heck, it can stay...

I don't so much have a garden as a home for stray plants. But the wildlife seems to like it, so that's ok.

In my garden, this is the time of year when I'm removing vast amounts of biomass as rapidly as I can fill the composting bin. The brief window when it's gotten cold enough that things have gone as dormant as they're going to dorm, the ground is wet enough for things to pull easily, and yet it hasn't been wet long enough that everything's grown enormous already.

The noises are always Cat Noises! Trust me! I've investigated 583 times.


(that is also my least favorite party game)

Oh, yeah, mine too. ;-)

Except when it's dog noises. My dog snores in his awake.

50/50 for me, but that's because my default response to 'I am alone and it's creepy here' is 'I should watch something loud and familiar on Netflix,' and about 90% of my Netflix viewing is crime shows.

You have to trust the cats! Cats know cat noises. If there is at least one cat sleeping soundly somewhere near you, you don't have to check. The time you have to check comes, when the cat is staring intently at the direction of the noise, tail twitching.

My cat does that to freak me out, I'm convinced.

....my cats do this all the time, while staring out at the patio. I've never been able to see anything, so I figure it's not serial killers (it's not _that_ big a patio). Then again, I never see anything - for all I know, they are watching ghosts. And ghosts are notorious serial killers.

I would have a firm talk with New Hound, and explain that she doesn't have to actually _deal_ with the serial killers, she just has to notify you that they are in the house. Barking from underneath the couch is a perfectly acceptable way to do this.

My cats do that too, but they only stare into the guest room. I guess it's friendly ghosts ;-)

But I really do sleep better since we have cats, because they are reacting to strange noises and not reacting to noises they know to be harmless. They were really nervous, when we had people painting the house, i.e. people climbing around in front of our windows. Which means they would go nuts, if someone is trying to break in. So I just don't worry as long as they don't.

I did a walk through of my raised veggie beds and someone has been digging, like they are Teddy Roosevelt and its the Panama Canal.

I don't have a garden, but I've started some hollyhocks that I'm going to plant by the door to my building when it's warm enough. I'm planning on buying some second-year hollyhocks as well, so I hopefully get some flowers this summer.

sleeping in an almost empty house

I use a white noise machine by the bed when darling husband is sleeping elsewhere, to mask the odd noise. It helps a lot.

"But also a middle-aged woman with a full wine glass, wandering the garden at dusk, greeting all the plants by name."

That's a great image. In the portrait gallery, it should be titled "Queen of This Half-Acre". I get the same feeling standing in my backyard with the dog, looking at the house. It may not be much, but it is mine, and I'm staying.

I adore this new format and the witchsong image.

Glad to get the recommendation on the onions. Just put in an order for them, and a bunch of other stuff.

I just finished playing our mutual least-favorite party game. The cats threw themselves into it with vigor this time. -_- THERE WILL BE SLEEP TONIGHT!

Until this moment, I did not know Allegheny had an acceptable alternate spelling.

I'm a Witch every day of the year! I have primrose seeds to go into the ground this spring. I have so little full sun in my postage stamp garden, I can only plant a few things at a time.

Wandering around garden, surveying one's domain and inspecting the progress of vegetation, with living or ghost cat accompanying, is an essential part of gardening. Glass of wine or mug of coffee as preferred.

Edited at 2016-02-02 10:47 pm (UTC)

I play Cat Noise or Serial Killer, too, when Chaz is away. It's not a fun game.

I could have sworn I posted Helpful Advice on the i'itoi onions, though I wasn't logged in at the time. If you need any, mine are very happy and I might be able to give useful advice, though I'm in the climate they're actually adapted to (Arizona), so my advice might be of dubious utility in the southeast.

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