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Pangolin Without End Journal

“Let’s pitch a coloring book for adults!” my agent said.

“I’ll need some sample art!” she said.

“Sure,” I said. “I’ll do something with pangolins.”


So, a profusion of Pangolin plates in perpetuity? How Profound.

Well, you got 'P' done! An adult coloring book that is also an adult ABeCeDary!

That is a terrible and awesome (in the original meaning) pun.

I love the partying prancing pangolins parading on a precipice.

Adult coloring books are very "in" right now.

That's cause they're awesome! I have any number. I never finish any of them, but spending 15 minutes coloring is remarkably good for my calm.

We will totally appreciate the pangolins!

My boyfriend and I agreed to make World Pangolin Day our official anniversary since it's close enough in date to when we started dating, and then he'll always be able to look up the date on the internet.

That first paragraph sounds like Pangolin Gothic.

I was picturing pangolin slash fiction.

Which says more about me than anything else.

Yes, yes, go ahead with the planting.

Give peas a chance.



New Arthur Machen story: _The White Pangolins_.

And for various reasons this made me think of a favorite song:


I will buy the coloring book...

I want a colouring book. Yes, please.

A coloring book? I'll take 20.