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Aukward Journal

Lot of discussions lately about Imposter Syndrome. I don't have that. I still have “the universe will notice that my life is going too well and crush me like an insect” Syndrome though. We probably need a pithy name for that. Other than “raised Catholic.”

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Based on that Great Auk, I think that a country somewhere should hire you to do postage stamps, Before they're extinct. (Postage stamps that is.)

I wasnt raised any religion but I have the same syndrome!

(Deleted comment)
i think we see successful people as somehow so very special, when they're usually just regular people who have had the right combination of skill, luck, connections and hard work to make it. So we think we can't possibly be that kind of person because we're just regular people, you know? I felt like an imposter when I started consulting, then I realized that most consultants didn't know any more than I did (and often less), but they figured out how to fake it in front of the client, go home and research things and work hard to come back with a solution the next day or week. I still sometimes go through bouts with IS, but I look back at what I've accomplished and how many skills I have and it helps.

Ah yes, "if you're happy and you know it - that's a SIN!"

I can't tweet to you because my account is locked. I rarely read LJ any more, but here you are!

Love KUEC. Love your sense of humor and your wit.

My teenage sons loved reading Digger when they found it at my apartment. Wait, I've run out of teenagers. The youngest is 20!

Can relate to looking over one's shoulder when life is good.


Rusty, the ex-Catholic

You got to be a Big Name by persistently following your weirdness, exploring out past the borders of logic and sense, and coming back with baskets of Whimsy, on deadline. Keep it up. ;}

Three wild turkeys!

I reckon they wanted in out of the storm, but their applications had succumbed to the wet...

When it's raining like that, our dogs look at us as if to say, "I know you could stop this if you wanted to... please?"

I share your consternation at lack of adulting skills. When the Spouse is taking his traditional Time In The East over the holidays I am forced to do my own sock laundry and it is extremely distressful. There is usually at least one conversation as to the proper washer and dryer settings since I never remember from year to year.

See, I share that syndrome and was raised Presbyterian--but a) my mom was Catholic, and b) my mom taught Greco-Roman mythology, which was what I always blamed.

That is a perfectly acceptable dinner.

We all know you're a competent adult with a Hugo and a driver's license. When it's just you and the critters you're allowed to have such times. I would very much like to have that option myself.

Of course, the last time I did, I spent $80 on a Just For Me! dinner at a fancy restaurant and played Diablo 3 for 8 hours...

So would digging in your old hard drive = aukeology?

Mac, our gray tabby, was outraged that I stopped opening the windows and taking him (on his harness) as much in December, until I took him out immediately after it rained a couple of times. He figured it out. He's still sulking, but not as much. I'm sure he still blames me, though.

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