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Bachelor's End Journal

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This is apropos of nothing in particular (although it might have been useful earlier as a distraction from your bachelor state), but I have recently been sucked into The Great British Baking Show (properly The Great British Bake-Off, but the title was changed for American release for legal reasons) on Netflix and it has struck me as a thing you might enjoy. It is literally the nicest show I have ever seen, in that everyone on it is kind and pleasant and happy and just having a good time doing a thing they like, and whenever I describe it that way I think of the things you've said you like in your entertainment.

I love Mary Berry so much.

I can third that and will throw in that there is also a Great British Pottery Throw Down and Great British Sewing Bee, although I'm not sure if they are available for viewing anywhere.

Add a happy fourth from me! Nicest competition I'd ever seen and now I have so many recipes I want to try!

Similarly apropos of nothing in particular, I finished Bryony and Roses yesterday, and I hope you will forgive me that I pictured the protagonist as your cartoon avatar from this blog. (Not as you, but as the cartoon.)

Completely unrelated, but I just discovered an app, released by Kurashikata Institute, that lists the 72 microseasons of Japan, complete with pictures, haiku, seasonal fish and so on. I thought you might appreciate it. It should be easy to find by googling Kurashikata Institute 72 seasons, don't want to get trapped in LJ spam filters

The chicken with the mug of what I can only assume is wine has just made my entire day. Thank-you.

What app have you been using to make these journal pages again? I know you said but there's a lot of them between then and now.

I know she's used Paper for sketching and talked about trying ProCreate at some point.

They're assembled in Photoshop, and I switched to Procreate a little while ago for drawing the sketches, since I need higher rez than Paper can do. (If I could scale up in Paper more easily, I'd still be using it...)

I love the Hello Kitty PJs!

a day wasted snuggling a dog is not a wasted day.

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