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It's the Snow Queen book I've been promising you guys! Launching today! A day early, because Amazon updated really fast!



It's still updating to Kobo, Nook, and iBooks. Check tkingfisher.com for links (and I'll update here, as well.)

As always, if you want a PDF version, please e-mail me at ursulav (at) gmail.com to purchase (or, if you're in Europe and subject to VAT tax, to work something else out.)

Yay!! Purchased my copy just now from Amazon.ca. So excited!!

As someone who is 4'10", I SUPER love your icon. :D

Waaah! I'm away from home (and internet) for another week. I think I need to take my kindle over to Panera and buy a muffin and some new ebooks to read on the plane back to Oregon with their wifi.

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searching kobo for "Kingfisher" to see if it was up yet (i'm impatient, okay?) revealed that last Tuesday Patricia McKillip released a new novel named Kingfisher. This month's book launches are going to leave me broke until March....

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You can buy stuff on Smashwords and load it onto your Kobo e-reader using Calibre, it's fairly painless.


It's up on itunes. (That was fast.)


Now I have something to do tonight...


Plus the Zon copy of 7th Bride showed up today, and I handed it to my spouse.


Update: it was easier to buy a second copy on iBooks for my kid than to transfer the Smashwords copy to her. Plus she doesn't use a non-iBooks ereading app for non-iBooks purchases & iCloud backup occasionally decides she didn't need those side-loaded books anymore anyway since she has all these huge game apps on her phone. >_< (Get Marvin for all your non-DRMed epubs. Lovely ereading app.)

YAAAAAAAS I got about halfway through last night and I am wholly delighted. Thanks again, Ursula.

SOLD! So much for getting anything else done tonight. *happy dance*

Yay! Ordered, just waiting for Amazon to process it. T. Kingfisher is one of my favorite authors~ <3

There, book budget for February is spent, and well spent, thanks!

The Snow Queen has always been one of my favs (and the Little Mermaid; Andersen pushed all my Tragic Heroine buttons apparently) so I tore through this last night.

I have spoilery question to ask

so here's some space in case someone doesn't want to see it




grandmother's still alive when she gets home, right?
nothing awful's happened to her while gerta was away?

She is! And I like to think she took to Janna immediately, too.