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Booklist Journal

One of these days, probe's gonna finish scanning and I'm gonna be like fifteen and really really confused.

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Congratulations!!! :D

And, heee, I see you're a Larry Niven fan ^___^


That Booklist cover is 110% Pure Awesomeness :-)

Scattered covered chunked and country get on my level scrub. Go heart attack or go home.

I kid, I kid. Congrats on the booklist cover!

dagnabit I hate wasting a perfectly good hash browns comment by not being logged in. Ah well. Congrats on the booklist cover. Again!

That was one of my favorite episodes!

I don't know, that probe seemed pretty inclusive of everything that one alien dude felt was important in life. Though this does probably mean that at the end you're not only going to be 15 again, you're also going to be left with a pile of millennium old nova cooked hashbrowns as a momento. Good luck explaining that one.


That said, even if there weren't any cause for congratulations, anyone who uses the expression "on the gripping hand" deserves a hug.

I love that you can reference obscure Star Trek: TNG episodes like it was nuthin'.

Congrats on the cover! :)

"The Inner Light" is one of the top five rated episodes of the entire series! :)

Iiii actually had no idea of that ^^' I just figure most people don't watch this awesome show anymore, so most of it probably counts as obscure these days... but I'm glad it's still beloved in general :3 I grew up on TNG.

a very nice cover indeed!

I have made one of my friends buy the Danny books for her girl, and the Hamster ... and just this week, I shoved a copy of Castle Hangnail in her direction. I have corrupted her reading tastes and now I am working full time on her kids... grin.

Am also amused to note that in reccing your story "Tomato Thief", the folks at Nerds of a Feather compared it to a Malbec. I wonder if the writer is a listener to your podcast!

Hashbrows are everyone's link to reality.

I now want a button with the Garden Hen in mid-probe on it. T-shirts if necessary; mugs for sure. Oh yes.

Congrats, looks great.

Speaking as a former reference librarian and professional book buyer, I now have to worship you.


Inner Light would have been more fun with you in it.

awesome! I saw Harriet on the Scholastic contest too, very exciting!

I like being reminded that the universe rewards good, decent, kind, talented people. There's too much crap going on out there and it sometimes makes me forget about all the good that happens. I'm very happy for you. :)

Totally unrelated to your post, but I have started read "The Seventh Bride" and the thing about mummified mice will stay in my mind forever. I am not sure if I should praise you or curse you.

i giggled at the last bit...

my son cooks at waffle house on the weekends. during the week he is waitstaff, his fiancee is waitstaff on weekends. :D

Your handwriting is wonderful.
I found you while Googling "Sketchbooking". Someone had mentioned the book in a comment on one of your posts before your African trip last year, which I hope went well.
I'm trying to learn to draw and paint with watercolors.

Ah, Waffle House. I have fond memories of Air Force Tech School in Indianapolis, where bulbs didn't get replaced quickly and we had our choice of "Waffle Use" or "Waffle Hose".

(But for hashbrowns - NOBODY beats the Northwest's Shari's. Sour cream and green onions between, and cheese on top - plus Zenner's double-smoked sausage and two eggs. Cholesterol heaven..)

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