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Bat Guano Valentine Journal

Hey, any holiday where I get bags of bat and seabird poop is a day I draw hearts in the journal!

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That's true love!

People would ask what I got my parents for gifts. I'd tell them: bullshit.
Because big bags of cow manure make gardeners happy!

I applaud your priorities, and also your awesome relationship.

some say it with chocolate, your sweetie says it with shit.

it takes all kinds!


I do caution that, as you probably know, Bob, bat guano can have a form of histoplasmosis in it which can cause -- oh, 10-20 years down the road -- small, leaky blood vessels to form in the eyes and/or lungs. In the eyes, behind the retina... Let's just say that only the certainty of eventual blindness in one eye could get me to hold still for eye shots. Twice.

Hopefully the guano you have has been treated somehow to eliminate the stuff. (I grew up in Austin. Yeah, that Austin, with all the bats under the bridge over Lake Travis... The ground was basically contaminated everywhere.) But just in case... The eye version looks like a dazzle-spot that doesn't go away. That's because it's actually blood. Get to an ophthalmologist asap if you get that; the optometrist was baffled by what she saw. >_>

Yay, guanos for gardening! O:>

How do you get acidic soil that's high in potash?

It's only a slightly acidic soil, by local standards--acid clay is the local soil type. And I amend with a crapload of manure and compost. And it's not a great test. *grin*

Best Valentine's gift ever!

You know someone's in a happy and healthy relationship when one gardens and the other gets sensible garden gifts.

You guys are awesome.

Somehow I don't se Hallmark adopting manure for the romantic time of year. Well I don't know about bat guano but seabird poop is definitely high in phosphorus. Its lovely when your other half gets you just what you need.

Bat guano! He does love you! That's awesome.

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