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...I may be a tiny bit excited.

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I feel your joy! I was doing a happy dance because my arugula, radishes and broccoli raab have all germinated. Good thing I marked them because they all look the same.

...are you sleeping in fingerless gloves? (Also, nice doodle of sleeping Tortie.)

I'm guessing wrist braces. As a fellow artist, I sympathize.

That was quick! Who is that curled up with you?

I would guess from the coloring that it's Tiny Tortie.

It's the Best kind of excited!

I love that feeling! Maybe I should get that old snake cage turned right way up and use it to start something. Hmmmm

I saw my first (ridiculously) hot pepper shoots today!

Getting more than a tiny bit excited about germination is completely understandable (well, maybe not to people who're not into gardening, but those people don't count anyway...)

Yay! I've got some hollyhock seedlings coming up in the kitchen, and just yesterday I spotted the first crocus sprouts in the flower bed I'm going to put the hollyhocks in, so hopefully it won't be too many weeks before it's warm enough for me to sneak out and plant my li'l seedling babbies.

Also, on an unrelated note, I'm going to New York in less than two weeks, and one of the Things To Do that I've settled on is a guided bird tour in Central Park. The guide is called Birding Bob. :D

What do you germinate in? I've tried multiple times, and have had a loosing battle every year. One year, my cats broke through a glass window to eat the dang things...Last year, they didn't eat them, they squashed them in their effort to get near the heating pad....I've thought about metal spikes...but they'd just rust

I use the wooden skewers that are used for shish kebabs to keep the rotten mourning doves from nesting in my plants. Might work for cats too. The plants look like porcupines when I am done. I take the stakes out once nesting season is past. Good luck

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