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Container Gardening Journal

It's a hand cultivating fork. I have a vague desire to start writing the tale of the Demon Gardener of Fleet Street now.

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Good luck, little Gem Squash!

Puzzled new hound is adorable.

If you write the Demon Gardener of Fleet Street, I will not only buy it, I will pre-order.

"Demonic Gardener of Beet Street" - candidate title for princess III book? Please??????

Me too! Gardening implements make terrific (and terrifying) weapons if wielded with determination (and mad glee).

I will also pay lots of money for this.

gardening tools for demons

Here's a good one for you: hand forged, you can sharpen the tip and one edge. Think of the sound effects when you bury the tip in an attacking pumpkin!


Month of Winds indeed. Your ancient calendar friends certainly got that one!

Compost. Hmm. I've been ignoring my compost pile for the last 5 years. (By which I mean tossing things into it and otherwise forgetting about it.) I suppose I should get in there and see what has evolved.

Edited at 2016-02-29 12:00 pm (UTC)

Considering the sort of muck that used to run though the river Fleet.. yeah, it would make good compost...

I was able to get the gem squash (from the seeds that Keith M. sent) to grow after directly being sown into soil in a large container, so it seems like the plant is a tough little sucker. I'm going to be starting them indoors this year, just to give them a little boost.

Demon Gardener of Fleet Street

*rolling about laughing* Yeah, I'd read that AND buy tickets to the show!

"Attend the tale of UrsulaV . . ." X-D


More vicious garden tools -- Korean hand plow

Another killer hand-tool; this one is hand-forged, and both the tip and one edge are sharp. Korean hand-plow. Just envisioning the sound of that tip sinking into an attacking pumpkin...

I'm pretty sure the Demon Gardener of Fleet Street (and their buddy, the Demon Birder of Fleet Street) would fit right in with the rest of your creations.

It's the Scarlet Claw!

Glad you arm is feeling better.

I love the idea of using whisky barrels as planters!

Having whimsical visions

of Galapagos tomatoes...

big, fat, round tomatoes with regular raised patches, something something they get big enough they sprout sturdy legs and heads, break free and start eating ALL the other tomatoes.

My dad had an issue with a box turtle taking one bite out of each ripe tomato it could reach. He marked with with mom's nail polish and took it for a 150 mile trip south. Came back in two weeks (turtle). Going, "neener, neener, you thought you were rid of me!"

Re: Having whimsical visions

That is a determined box turtle. But I've heard boxes and red eared sliders are notoriously determined.

Re: Having whimsical visions

Box turtles pick a territory and they have it FOREVER. They will literally point in its direction in the cage if taken from the wild. It's kind of tragic and amazing all at once.

I would happily support the Demon Gardener of Fleet Street Kickstarter.

Though of you the other day - I may not have Bat Guano of Love, but I have the Bunny Poop of Vague Affection But Mostly Treat-Begging.

the Demon Gardener of Fleet Street... well, take it back to the mid-17th century, and there were many gardens just north of the City of London still, little half-hidden patches where vegetables were grown amongst and behind the rows of houses and warehouses that were being flung up.
Perhaps a garden or few survived behind walls, untended except by a mysterious cloaked figure?

Oh dear. Sorry, I'm off chasing a plot-bunny.

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