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Sunbeam Journal

Couple of months ago, I could NOT have said that, so I’m pleased. Kid brother is home, fine, and did not stop texting during his visit, so appears to still have significant life in him.

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So glad things are going well for you!
More books for us to read! Yea!

Sounds stressy. Glad things worked out.

At first glance, I was wondering why you put tinfoil around the plants to protect them from brainwaves...

Yay for healthy family! Yay for germination! YAY FOR YOU KEEPING YOUR COOL!!!

You always give off the impression of keeping your cool to me, so yay for keeping it up even more? Glad the universe is unfolding more or less as it should - hopefully the caterpillar pepper will fall into line shortly.

sunbeams are very important ... yessssss... like basking on a nice rock.

oh, I found a copy of Nurk and finished reading it, it does lead to other questions, like did he ever find his Grannie?

Always good when things go well! BTW, what programs do you use to create these pages? I'm curious but also like how your pages look each entry w. the lettering and your added bits. Chicken drawing is wonderful, I adore here.

Mostly it's just Photoshop. I take the photos with Camera+ on my phone and the more complicated drawings are Procreate on the iPad with a stylus.

The results are charming. Thank you for the details.

Thank you for the photo of the animals in the sun. That's what late winter early spring is all about: the sun is back but so is the wind, so indoors it is. :)


Glad kid brother is okay!

Glad to see such precious solar energy is not being wasted.

Is the foil for weather, temperature or as an anti-pest measure? I mean surely plants are free from governmental mind control?

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