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Conan Journal


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No mad new experiments! Totally gonna hit up that Christmas mass! ;)

Your swearing is heard and acknowledged. And then politely forgotten so that we, er...I (honestly) can enjoy your delightful adventures in horticulture as they grow over the spring and into the summer.

So glad you are getting to see the beginnings and take stock!

It could! Right up there with winning a Newberry Award!


Edited at 2016-03-05 04:47 am (UTC)

Lamentation of women, lamentation of mulch, whatever.


Somewhat surprised to learn there isn't a species of Iris called that... it is an excellent name for them after all.

I suppose they'd have to be a salt tolerant breed, what with watering them with the tears of your enemies and all. Probably quite demanding of blood & bone meal fertiliser too.

and yeah, I can see Conan getting into Horticulture..that sword would be handy when dealing with things like invasive ivy.

Edited at 2016-03-05 12:02 pm (UTC)

I am giving the zonal Gardenia its fourth try here, and I have given up on other plants that Will Not Grow For Me.

Plus, didnt they read the label that they are Perinnels? That means they are to Come Back!

I May Have a Bulb Problem

My yearly ritual phrase is "Where exactly did I plant that again?" Rapidly followed by "Oh. There. Right where I'm trying to plant new things." Rituals are important!

This is the year we finish the side beds (yay, another 2+ tons of rock to move) and I convince the nice-but-not-yard-inclined neighbors to just let me have the side hill all to myself; I'll make it pretty, I promise. Not that it'll be designed because, like you, I think I'll get something unified any year now, but it'll be full of flowers and not bermuda grass.

I have a friend who breeds Day Lilies. I'm gonna ask her to name one Thulsa Doom.

Thulsa Doom is such a good name for a plant, especially a prize winning bloom.

It is only by experimenting that you find the ones that will thrive in your own little ecosystem.

I prefer Cohen's outlook on things. "Hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper".

Your handwriting is gorgeous. Or is that all digital? If it is, I'd love to know what fonts you are using.

I hate when I lose plants. I've lost aquilegia more than once.

All digital! My handwriting is abysmal. This is Sweet Home Oklahoma, the headers are Little Bird, and the occasional excited font is Rose Tattoo.

Thank you so much! My handwriting is abysmal as well.

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