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UK Nook

Hey, UK readers--apparently the Nook UK store is shutting down, and they're having a British chain take over everything. I don't actually know HOW that will shake out in practice, but they're making noises like some books could go missing as a result (and when a company says "The vast majority of books should still be available!" I pretty much expect the literary apocalypse.)

So--on the off chance that any T.Kingfisher books vanish off your Nook in the process, drop me an e-mail and I'll replace it. You shouldn't have to pay twice for one of my e-books if I can do anything about it.

(I suspect that this will eventually happen in the US as well, given how things are going--if it does, offer will stand in the US as well.)

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probably only the books one has downloaded and not read yet... sigh.

. Customers who lose e-books due to a lack of availability on Sainsbury’s platform will receive refund vouchers from the supermarket.


As I understand it, B&N is doing away with the Nook everywhere, they just got a buyer in the UK first.

Fortunately, I stopped buying from B&N when they stopped letting you download your books. Everything I buy goes into calibre, safely isolated from the winds of commerce (and gets backed up to the NAS, which very shortly will get backed up to the cloud...) Plus I upload my favorites to Google Books as well, for when I'm away from home with just a tablet.

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