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Dog in a Frog Pond Journal

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As long as Hound is only fond of *standing* in the frog pond, that's not too bad. If hound were a Labrador, she'd be rolling in it, and you'd shortly have more pond outside the dugout than in it.

Ponds can be refilled. It's the shaking and spraying of mud afterward that makes Labrador owners groan. I trained Guide Dog puppies and the one that was dropped for hip dysplasia loved the sprinkler SO MUCH and after she was soaked she would ROLL IN THE DIRT and THEN SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. "Oh Dusty!" was the groan of the summer.

The eye-stripes make me wonder if that caterpillar might be one of the Prominent Moths? But I could be just smitten with the name. :)

That sounds like a kids book or a band name waiting to happen "[Protagonist] and the Prominent Moths".

I'm guessing it's a Luna moth caterpillar.

Hound looks like she's been watching someone play Minecraft.

Hound: "Why, yes, I *am* a good/silly dog!"

Where are you touring? I missed you last time you came through town!

The frogs aren't singing; they're yelling "Dagnabbit, GTFO of the dagnabbit POND, dagnabbit, dawg!"

Hound is trying to bathe here!

Chinese... rhubarb... *brain melts*

On a more serious note, the pond looks great; I seem to recall that your pond plants set in containers/pots? Have they shown signs of roots/plants spreading outside the pots? Have you noticed any deterioration in the liner? Did you run a circulating pump or anything like that during the winter?

Considering a similar pond, possibly hooked to a pump-driven waterfall. NO KOI.

In the meantime, we're in the forties here near Seattle, trying to struggle out of the rainiest winter in 114 years (since they started keeping records), and we're due for 60 mph winds tomorrow. Sigh.

Of course, I'll be chortling smugly when July arrives and it's in the 70s here and the 90s with unutterable humidity there...

Edited at 2016-03-12 10:27 pm (UTC)

your interesting friend (the green caterpillar) I"m pretty sure is destined to become a Luna moth. Big green suckers, better looking than many butterflies.

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