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Cave Bean Journal

Theories as to what these beans will grow into abound on Twitter, with paint horses and spotted cows among them.

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They are really gorgeous beans. I can understand the speculation!

Though I would think they grow into Aztec caves.

It could be that the cave beans were found in the 1870s or even the 1570s. That's the problem of 2-digit years, as time goes by the get ambiguous.

I think I have some of those, dried and pierced for beads! I'll have to go rummaging around my stash...

re the Cave Beans

Jack m'boy, I got some beans to sell you, and they grow COWS!

If your book tour brings you to Boston, let me know, I'll buy you lunch or something.

That bean on the very bottom of your photo looks like a jackalope silhouette. They must be jackalope eggs.

With the liver spots, you could get German Shorthaired Pointers.

Hell's Art would be a good name for a band.

A giant beanstalk? Considering the time of year, Easter Eggs! (Well they do sort of look like white and milk chocolate mixed.

Where will you be on your book tour? I want to have my copy of the Digger Omnibus signed.

A bit of Epson saltiness there, I see.

Oh, NOM. My favorite beans! I still call 'em 'Anasazi Beans', though I know that this is incorrect. They should grow easily (don't overwater them)-- mine did, and they bore pretty damn well too. Neat little flowers; the beans taste lovely cooked with ham and a bit of well-chopped onion. They have a curiously nutty flavor that reminds me of pecans; I really love them. As for the story of them coming from a sealed jar, that's what I heard too, and that eight of the beans tried sprouted. I have no idea of the tale's veracity-- I've also heard that they were collected from rural areas down in Mexico, so who knows? Aren't they pretty, though? :D They do look rather like eggs that'll hatch into very tiny red-and-white cows.

What the interesting style of writings. I had never seen so unusual texts.

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