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Wasp Nest Journal

An adult English coonhound runs like a deer. An adult fantasy author (or at least this one) runs like a wombat who desperately wishes she was wearing a sports bra. I can sling mulch for hours, I can dig holes for days, but running is a different specialization.

(Seriously, the dog is about the only thing that could cause me to run these days. I am DONE with running. If a serial killer comes after me, I’ll demand to see his weapon. Anything less than an axe, I’ll just take the hit.)

Book Tour Public Events:

Monday 3/14:

7:30 pm
Takoma Park Library
101 Philadelphia Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Thursday 3/17:

6:30 pm
An Unlikely Story Bookstore
111 South St, Plainville, MA 02762

Wednesday 3/23:

6:30 pm
The Red Balloon Bookshop.
891 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

(ZOMG I used to live down the road from there!)

If you're local, please come out! I love to see people who know me as not-a-children's-author. It reminds me of my real life, where I am weird and not respectable and eat regrettable food and plant bulbs.

I'm hoping to make it to the Red Balloon. Saying what follows to a person on a book tour is perhaps foolish, but I'll be just back from Vericon and heading into our local con, Minicon, so I may be too flattened to leave the house.

Minnesota will be looking pretty frowsty, too, but the shapes of the trees are always lovely.


Of course, now I'm curious what you consider to be "less than an axe".... >.>;;;;;;

I suspect any bladed weapon less than 12 inches long...

Although shovels can do a fair bit of damage, so I might be wrong.

I too am waiting for the weather to break here, so I can get more yard time.

I have plants and stuff that needs to get out of the bags, boxes and whatnot into the ground.

I have also decided to put two artichokes in the front flower bed, just cuz I can.

I would love to be there tomorrow night, but have surprisingly important family stuff for a Monday night. I hope you have a sell-out crowd (or the library equivalent) and that everyone talks about *all* your books, not just Harriet and Dragonbreath. Good luck on the tour, and have a great time!

I am not precisely local to the MA event, but I have duly registered at the bookstore's website in the hopes that I'll get out of work in time and not hit traffic...

Edited at 2016-03-14 01:06 am (UTC)

Awww yess Takoma Park's only an hour away. I will be there tomorrow!

Plainville Mass is about half an hour from where I work. I'll be there unless they lock me out. I need you to deface the latest book for me.

*sighs* from down Florida way.

Wait, do you mean Wednesday 3/16 or Thursday 3/17? This is relevant to my interests.

Hurrah! You'll be within an hour of me! (crazy pickaxe lady from ChessieCon, here). My family will be there. Are there any road trip snacks that it would be helpful to have delivered to you? I bake a pretty good scone.

I have to get on a plane, so nothing liquid! Otherwise, always glad for scones!

If you ever get all the way to Lon Gisland I will be able to say Hi. Unfortunately even MA is too far.

No chicken today?

It's on the other side of the wasp nest.

I parsed the last bit of that last sentence as there are foods and bulbs of plants, both regrettable, that you eat, and was like, wait, why would she be eating her bulbs, especially regrettable ones?

Planning to be at the St. Paul one :)

Any things you miss from the area? Could bring you something from Tea Source...

I'm registered for Plainville, and am looking forward to it!

Dammit... why are so many of favourite authors USAsians?!!

Not even on the right frickin' continent.

Oh? Which continent are you on?