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Weekend Home Journal

Garden Hen was tragically left out of the last entry, because I was frazzled. Returns with Redbud limb today.

Hound is fine, we did the trick with flour, and I was going to replace those carpets anyway.

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i read some tip sheet on trimming animal claws a bit ago & it stated the more the nails are trimmed the further the quick will recede.

So, yeah, just passing that tid bit on.

I sure hope that's the case... *eyes Percy-cat, who plays rough*

Hydrogen peroxide will take the blood right out of the carpet.


I know that for reasons.

Seconding this.
I keep big bottles of it around for… reasons. And it's cheap.

One of the neighbor cats drops by and insisits that the only reason I am outside is to feed him, and pet him, and lloooooovvvvveeee him.

Poor Hound! That is going to make trimming her nails harder in future, nothing like an ouchy experience to put a pet right off something.

Speaking of the book, what do you say when kids ask about Rooster the Paladin?

Awww, so glad that you liked the cookies {big grin}. It was wonderful to be able to attend your event. I am glad to see that you get a weekend at home before the next travel round.

(Deleted comment)
Oh man, in my neck of the woods it's book three, and the area I used to live in, it was book six. What is it with local bookstores and weird grudges against random Dragonbreath books?

(Deleted comment)
I nabbed a copy already but I'll absolutely get you a book five. Spread the Dragonbreath love!

I think a strongly worded letter to the boarding kennels might be in order... that has to have hurt, and you said nails plural, so it wasn't a case of trimmed one too close by accident.

Redbud in bloom is beautiful in a way that is almost unreal... it looks like it belongs in Bridge of Birds...

What is the trick with flour?

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