UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Road Notes Journal

I always mean to remember things from the trip--the giant blue termite sculpture in Rhode Island; the media escort who was an elderly English teacher and nearly wrecked the car in delight when he said "Like the Emily Dickinson poem about the snake" and I said "A narrow fellow in the grass?"; the readers who brought me cookies and a Zentangle kingfisher and cheese and a card with the glass irises on it; the Greater Black-backed Gulls lurking over the bay in Newport; the way that parts of rural Pennsylvania look in the early morning with fog and stone walls, like something out of the 18th century; the disgruntled clerk in the America merch store in Union Station carrying a bag of Jeb! buttons and saying "I don't know what we're going to do with Jeb! Maybe we can give them away..." (the same store that had, for some weird reason, a T-shirt with Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness Monster); the delightful bookstore rep in...some state...who snarked with me; the kids who wanted a story about a sparklewalrus and the ones who wanted the prince to turn into a tarantula, so I wound up doing a squeaky tarantula voice as I narrated the prince; the fact that the third media escort was watching the game and I was too face blind to recognize him and so I sat and waited in the lobby ten feet away for nearly half an hour; all the things that bleed together and then I get home and it all goes out of my head completely and all I think is I am home and I have my dogs and my cats and my garden and my husband and a peanut-butter-creme Boston Creme donut from the bakery downtown. Life is good.
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