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Road Notes Journal

I always mean to remember things from the trip--the giant blue termite sculpture in Rhode Island; the media escort who was an elderly English teacher and nearly wrecked the car in delight when he said "Like the Emily Dickinson poem about the snake" and I said "A narrow fellow in the grass?"; the readers who brought me cookies and a Zentangle kingfisher and cheese and a card with the glass irises on it; the Greater Black-backed Gulls lurking over the bay in Newport; the way that parts of rural Pennsylvania look in the early morning with fog and stone walls, like something out of the 18th century; the disgruntled clerk in the America merch store in Union Station carrying a bag of Jeb! buttons and saying "I don't know what we're going to do with Jeb! Maybe we can give them away..." (the same store that had, for some weird reason, a T-shirt with Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness Monster); the delightful bookstore rep in...some state...who snarked with me; the kids who wanted a story about a sparklewalrus and the ones who wanted the prince to turn into a tarantula, so I wound up doing a squeaky tarantula voice as I narrated the prince; the fact that the third media escort was watching the game and I was too face blind to recognize him and so I sat and waited in the lobby ten feet away for nearly half an hour; all the things that bleed together and then I get home and it all goes out of my head completely and all I think is I am home and I have my dogs and my cats and my garden and my husband and a peanut-butter-creme Boston Creme donut from the bakery downtown. Life is good.

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I seem to recall Anthrocon was in King of Prussia some years back, when it was much smaller.

One of the NASFiC bids for 2017 is aiming for facilities about a mile from the famous mall.

I see AC was at Valley Forge, which is about five miles west of King of Prussia.

Recent NASFiCs seem to be about 1/3 the size of the current Anthrocon, if that. The problem with big cons is there aren't that many places equipped to handle them.

"the way that parts of rural Pennsylvania look in the early morning with fog and stone walls, like something out of the 18th century"

I think that time is a little thin around there. The Brandywine Valley, in particular...

There are chunks of Britain like that.. not so much that time is thin, as History is deep, and there are big puddles of it lying around still.

Yes, definitely.

Plus, the lines are closer together on the map. ;-)

It was truly lovely to meet you even if we got the prince turning into a hippo :D

I played a LARP in a hotel in King of Prussia at the beginning of the month. As far as I can tell, it's not so much a town as a mall.

a T-shirt with Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness Monster

If Jeb! hadn't already dropped out of the race, you could have tweeted a pic of it labeled "America."

Speaking to kids. That's the best part. Love it so much!

I sometimes feel that a book tour is a form of cruel and unusual punishment for success.

I was talking to myself just as you describe when I was in the airport coming home from Vericon. "Don't let them rattle you, there's plenty of time. Where is your wallet? Where is your phone? Where is your scone? Where is your lonely blueberry scone? Where is the horse and the rider -- stop that now."

I'm glad you are home with all the good things.


Doubly so for Ursula, as she made the silly mistake of studying how to be GOOD at the school presentations. Now she's so popular and in-demand!

*sob* They sent me videos! I just tried to do what the videos did!

*patpats* I know, you just wanted to do what the nice publishing company asked for. But, as it turns out, being good at the book tours the publishing company asks you to do gets you...more book tours.

That is the New Englad Pest Control "big blue big." It is a legit navigation landmark for the area.

Ah yes, King of Prussia - or as we insist on calling it, Prince of Persia. Nice mall, though. :)

If you can make it with kids, you can make it anywhere!
As an audience, they don't put up with crap.

It was lovely to see you again in the bookstore in Plainville, Mass. I had never been in a bookstore that had a mirrorball on the ceiling before. The Were-hippo-prince was a fascinating story. SOrry that it was the last event of what sounded like a long day. Hope to see you again sometime. Probably at Arisia in January.

I had a great time there! It was a good end to the week.

Was beyond lovely to meet you at the Plainville bookstore, I really had no idea how much of a fangirl I'd turn into, so thank you for your patience, and while my sister was already in love with you because of the phallus art of yours I framed for her years ago, and the Klimpt Rooster art, after I read her Harriet the Invincible on the way to the reading, well you have completely won her over now as well. She kept giggling and exclaiming over the hippo facts you shared during the talk and now is going to dig into more knowledge about hippos. This terrifies me a bit since she runs a nano technology lab at MIT, so if hippo's somehow end up being tied to nano tech in the future, it will all be your fault! And I hope the cheese survived the travels and was still tasty. And yes, the dedication to Rooster also caused more smiles and giggles on the car ride home as I related Rooster stories to my sister, she's now wanting a book just of your dnd summaries!

You were near us and I missed you! We're in Philly not far from King of Prussia... Rats.

King of Prussia has a terrific mall. I am not a mall person but even I like it. I live in Pennsylvania, not too far from there. I have no idea why the town is called King of Prussia.

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