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A Narrow Fellow In the Mulch Journal

So glad that the plants you love are coming back!

Anything that kills slugs is a welcome visitor to any garden. That looks a fun way to weed.

See! I told you that! But nooo.. you won't let me use napalm in our garden... ;D

I think I pass on a kilt though, too many tall things with thorns.

I know fire is more fun, but you can get the same effect by pouring vinegar on weeds coming up between stones (obviously not a good idea if the weeds are close to plants you want to keep, but fire's kind of tricky there, too).

what a beautiful slug-eater - we don't get those here.

My garden asked for ash, so I've burned a bunch of deadwood that was piling up and scattered it over the broccoli seeds and where I intend to put cucumbers this year. I have no idea if I'm adding fixed carbon or if I'm completely wasting my time, but it was good for my soul. Green is slowly showing in upstate NY, my crocuses bloomed and the daffodils are coming in!

Re: *ogles Real Man*

Ash doesn't contain much carbon. If you had heated the wood under anaerobic conditions to make charcoal then you'd be adding fixed carbon.

So at the top, where you said snails in the grass, you meant snakes rights? Snakes in the grass. Eating slugs. Also in the grass, but far less common and adorable. :)

I didn't realize that slugs were an important part of ANY snakes diet - and here you show a Dekay brown, getting ready to shed his skin.
Very cool.

Hmm, will need to look the Dekay brown up, to see if they'll survive in my area - garden has a slug (and snail) infestation.
Then again, even if it would thrive, not sure it would be the best solution for the slug problem: family member is screaming scared of snakes of all types - even the regular garden (nonvenomous) variety.

Pretty pretty snake!

And "Silkyleaf Waxenwoad" sounds something you'd get out of a "Random Druid Name" generator.

That is a really gorgeous snake!

I was about to say "it looks cuddly", at which point I remembered my sense of self-preservation and promptly went off into a wikipedia journey in search of whether or not it was venomous. You'd think that would be one of the most important facts about a snake to list in an article, but it's mainly notable by the absence of any information.

If it eats slugs it probably isn't. Venom is used to stop the prey from running away too far... and slugs aren't exactly speedy.

That and if it's venomous, most of the time the articles will tell you...usually in gory detail.

Did the snake slither off, or did you tuck it back under the cardboard so it can get on with shedding?

Also, yay for bats. My dad is quite sad that he no longer sees bats where he lives in the Virginia mountains. White-nose has gotten them all, pretty much.

We were gonna burn there, so I relocated it to another flowerbed out of roast zone.

Well of COURSE a DeKay's belongs in the mulch!

Aaargh... :-)