UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Cryptic Stitching Update & Question

Hey, gang!

ETA: Oh crap, it's April 1st. No, this is real. I was asking on Twitter last night. I wouldn't do that to you.

Not dead. Have post book tour plague, I think, and my back is in that state where it hasn't yet gone out but it is thinking very, very hard about doing so. So I've been laying in bed, working frantically to get caught up on Real Work, and in my copious spare time, working on Cryptic Stitching.

Still porting it to Ren'Py, and it's working great--it's just a slow process. A lot of things need to get tweaked, but this is a very stable platform that will probably not change wildly in the next few years. I'm able to do a fair number of things that I couldn't do in Twine, which makes me happy, and the UI is actually much prettier and about to get more so. So it is not dead! It is just...in progress, slowly. I manage to find time every few months to add another thousand lines of code or so.

All that said--a few people, most notably my buddy Otter, who played obsessively back in the day, tells me that Cryptic needs romance options. I am tentatively okay with this...in theory...but it occurs to me that I have no idea WHO anybody would want to romance!

So I'm asking--those of you who played and remember it--anybody you really wanted to snog?

I'm already thinking the Silver Rat, as a mouse-only, the Lime Rabbit, possibly the Mule Woman's Granddaughter, and the Magenta Lop. Maybe the Carmine Raven and one of the Teddy-bears, but that's getting to be a lot. Otter says the Responsible Cheetah, too. (I also want the hard-to-unlock Tangerine Rabbit romance, because she's a very fun character to write, and damnit, we need more games where a middle-aged rabbit-woman with grandkids is a viable romance option.)

(please don't say Quippet, please don't say Quippet, Quippet has too much going on already)
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