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Cat Toilet Training Journal

Since people keep asking, no, he didn't flush.

Well that's not something you walk in on every day.

Well, I'm sure you've figured out that he was probably trained in his previous home, like so:


I had a kitty that suddenly decided to start peeing in the toilet. No one ever trained him to do it- he came straight from his mother at 6 weeks, and when he was about 7 years old, I spent a few weeks trying to figure out who was peeing in the toilet but not flushing at night- til I finally caught him at it one morning..

I had no clue that cats would do that, but I can second that cats do weird things for no reason sometimes.

I wonder how long he'd done before you caught him!

Cats will use a communal midden unless they're sick. I guess he figured, since you're all family, and that's where you go.. he'll do it there too.

Look at it this way, beats scooping litter.

I dunno, are you sure parts of your garden don't belong to some alternative reality? One where alt.Ursula is much more organised or something... [although, probably not a successful author, the two things do seem to be mutually exclusive.]

comes from what I read once, and since then, I never flush cat poop.

It seems that if a cat has at one time caught and eaten a small animal that happens to carry the toxoplasma gondii parasite, they are carriers and can transmit the bug. If it gets into the waterway by being flushed, sea otters can be infected with toxoplasma gondii. This may seem to be a longshot, but it's a very sad situation if it happens. And I think most of us here love sea otters, right?

The danger is and has always been to pregnant women—specifically their unborn fetuses—which is why pregnant woman are cautioned never to handle cat feces and preferably to never come in contact with the cat box at all.

It was bound to happen that eventually patches of your garden universe would collide and be just how they should be.

Fear not, it won't last!

A cat using the toilet! What to think is unimportant. Go down on your knees and thank whatever gods you can summon.

I would sell my soul in a heartbeat for that.

Having seen some videos of cats who learned to flush the toilet, and then continued doing so, for fun ... I think that perhaps not flushing is the better outcome.

Does Hound drink out of toilets, that you know of?

Having seen some videos of cats who learned to flush the toilet, and then continued doing so, for fun ... I think that perhaps not flushing is the better outcome.

My thoughts more-or-less exactly...

every time i head about Sergei i jsut think "that boy aint right..."

That's a very smart cat for you, always doing things that seem a little "off" unless you think like a cat. :)
I've heard that Prussian Blue is one of the smarter cat breeds anyway.

My impression is that some cats toilet train themselves because that's how all the other people in the house go to the bathroom. :)

I love how you drew Sergei's facial expression. It's very cat.

I had to look up "woodland stonecrop" because I was seeing mountain sedum in that photo. So now I've learned something.

If we leave the toilet lid open, that's definitely NOT what we find our cats doing. -_-

Sergei is probably trying to get you housebroken, and feels that he needs to set an example.

after spending years watching cats do some very interesting things, I dont ask anymore.

That one perfect square foot is how I dream our garden would look one day! Sigh!

Claver Sergei, now if I hope the kittens copy him.

Using the toilet for its natural purpose is perfectly logical, if you are a cat.

"My litter box was gross, so I'm using yours."
You should have come in and demanded attention while he was using the toilet, just to go completely role reversal.