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Cat Toilet Training Journal

Since people keep asking, no, he didn't flush.

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Re: My only concern…

(part 2!)

Now! One other note:

Remember that mister Kitty got infected because he ate something that was infected.... this means that MY cats, who've never lived outside, are probably NOT infected.

AND! The kitty doesn't poop out an endless stream of oocysts. He only does it once, over a period of about 2 weeks, then probably never does it again.

So... all in all, you probably do more harm having an outdoor cat near a body of water that leads to the ocean than you do flushing your indoor cat's poop once in a while.

ANd personally? I have a septic tank. I'm pretty sure anything I flush in there will die before it can infect anything.

Now if only I could get my cats to POOP in the toilet, rather than try to drink out of it... ugh!

(whee! thank you for the excuse for me to educate myself! I didn't know a lot of what I typed about before just now and it was a lot of fun learning about all this! :D Thank you!!)

Also minor point, while it's in it's 'worm' stage and swimming around in water.. it's actually pretty easy to kill. [see comment below] Most water treatment systems will do it. It's only where raw sewage is being dumped that it's a problem.

And thank you, because I didn't know any of this before, either!

Thanks for all the info! :D

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