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Perfect Normal Journal

I gotta finish Cryptic Stitching before I start some weirdass tale of wading birds. Gotta finish Cryptic. Gotta finish Cryptic. Gotta at least finish Act One of Cryptic.


(On the bright side, I've got most of the visuals done for Cryptic and now am just plugging away at transferring quest lines...)

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have you been to the Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck, NC? highly recommended.

(unrelated personal note, I am more pleased than is reasonable that my birthday is "romaine day." how extraordinary.)

You could make pre-made book covers for other people and just sell them...

You could do a gallery showing of "Covers For Books That Never Were"

Knowing your fans, they'd sell.

This is true.

I would probably buy a weird-ass tale of wading birds, but that doesn't mean enough other people would for it to be worth your while, either financially or in terms of knowing people were enjoying your work.

Yes, yes it would. Because we love the Ursula and love giving her our money.

Might end up like some of elisem's jewelry, where they inspire other people to write the book that goes with the name (and cover, in this case).

Still, that's a darn good looking wading bird!

You could have a book full of book covers. Its cover would just be a bunch of paragraphs, with a page number.

Would this count as being storked?

You could save them for the next game. Sort of based on your bird spotting adventures, perhaps? It could have interesting options like Dodos, Moas, R|oocs and phoenixes.

You could do a cover picture for each short story in your next collection. Or add some illustrations to a novella (not everything has to be as lavishly illustrated as Dragonbreath! One per chapter is fine!)

Or just include some random art in a collection: Short Story A - drawing of wading bird - Short Story B - drawing of frog - and so forth. The pictures don't *have* to be related to the words.

Making a game for the purpose of being able to use Photoshop effects reminds me of Tolkien writing a massive legendarium so he could provide context and background for all of his invented languages. Seems like pretty excellent company to be in, to me!

Oooh, wading birds..... You could always do your own version of the Japanese tale of Crane Woman; I mean, seriously. Talk about somebody who was determined to pay her benefactors back...

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