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I make a big deal about the ruthlessness of gardening and all, how I am a mighty slayer of weeds and bane of invasives, but the truth is that I just transplanted a plant that wasn't doing well, and when I lifted it out, an earthworm was left behind in the hole.

So then I had to go back and get the plant's worm for it because I was afraid that they might be friends.

Well - and they might be.

Symbolic gestures are based in maintaining balance in the face of lack of facts - they might be, mightn't they?

Yay! You are showing compassion and consideration to the life forms in your garden. Wish others would do the same.


I'm pretty sure his name is Jim. :)

When I dig around with a trowel and uncover half an earthworm, I feel bad.

If it helps, you can think of it as playing your part in the continuation of the species: those two half-worms may each grow back the missing other half.

I love you, Ursula. :)

I periodically stop and pick up worms and caterpillars off concrete, be it roads or sidewalks, and put them into grass or dirt or a bush (depending,y'know, on the creature and what's appropriate/available). Someone came upon me doing that once, and asked what I was doing. I said, "Rescuing this caterpillar from the road," and he said, "What a strange thing to do." I said, "I didn't think so," and we went our separate ways, but really...I didn't think so!

I do this! I mostly rescue earthworms and put them someplace safe calling them "Mr. Worm." If I dig up a worm, I put it aside saying "I'm sorry Mr. Worm!" and covering them with a trowel of dirt.

That is cute, not daft at all considering the health of a plant is indeed dependent on earthworms.

Not in North America. Earthworms are not a native in North America and they are having a significantly bad effect on the native plant landscape.

You do know certain annelid species have mutually beneficial or even symbiotic relationships with certain plant species... so yeah, friends, quite possibly.

If nothing else, you saved the earthworm from intense longing for a plant to cuddle. Even if they weren't friends. Of course then I have to think, "what if the cuddling was non-consensual? what if the plant had been happy to get away?!?!?!"

I'm not helping anyone with this line of thought.

This does not make you weak. It merely means that you have a finely honed sense of garden justice. Be consoled. ;)

I love your icon. Everybody needs a pair of ass-kicker boots.

That made me laugh, but now I have a huge grin on my face just thinking about it.

because cats have to let out the evil...

Because sometimes I have to be a little evil: What if the plant hated the worm? What if the worm was constantly tormenting the plant, saying mean things and nibbling its roots? What if the plant through it had achieved salvation, taken by a benevolent god away from its tormentor, only to have that same god cruelly deliver the horror to its new home? "Noooo! Not the worm! Why, cruel gods, why!?" But alas Ursula is not fluent in the language of plants so she just gave it some water and an affectionate little pat and left it to its torment.

That made me laugh, but now I have a huge grin on my face just thinking about it.