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Oh yeah, I did remember to tell you that SSRIs/SNRIs will make your alcohol tolerance shit, right? Cuz that's a thing to be aware of before trying to out-drink librarians. >.>

Wow, it's amazing how much that photo makes me miss the middle-North-Carolina woods. So much green. So very very much green.

I don't understand climbing roses, but I do love the idea of them. A random rosebush is actually the only thing my current house is lacking.

if you sit long enough in the garden, you will see A Weed. Then the death spiral begins... grin.

I go by the a weed is only a plant in the wrong place. Much easier to be tolerant unless it stings like nettles or is in danger of doing a Crinoid impression and not only taking over the garden but engulfing the house.

Poor exhausted Garden Hen. In the meantime, do sit in the garden, stirring some dirt. Remember those articles last year about the soil microorganisms that improve mood. A little bit of scratching and pecking should put Henny Penny right.

It's amazing what a difference a few days can make, especially in a garden.

Welcome home! Yay for petting the plants and recharging from the greenery!

We are definitely in different climate zones. I have one pea sprout as of yesterday morning.

We have "country roses" (i.e. volunteers from no-one knows where) growing in our flower beds and in the kiwis. We are rather Darwinian gardeners, and so we rewarded the rose invasion by letting them stay. We just trimmed them a little to keep them out of the way of my half-hearted, Sisyphean fight against the blackberry invasion.

Still waiting for the last of the cold weather to leave up here in Canada, but man, I am so impatient to get into my garden again!

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