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The First Church of Mulch

It is a faith of small, consistent miracles, damp soil, and hard work.

Also worms. Worms are in there somehow. We haven't worked all the details out yet.

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I found dog vomit slime mold on my mulch pile this morning; it made me very happy - I've found it in other places, but I've never had a slime mold in my very own yard, so exciting! :D

We did too! We were a little concerned at first thinking it might be some sort of chemical something, but once we looked it up and figured out out what it was, we were delighted!

It does look rather alarming at first! But once you know what it is, it's impossible not to be delighted *nodnod*

There's an xkcd for that: xkcd #877

Ha ha! Perfect! And pretty much my life in a nutshell (my personal triumph is when I told a whole classroom about these adorable baby leeches, and then I put them up on the big magnifying camera and the whole class went "awww, baby leeches!")

I had posted that image several hours before you posted that. It shows up for me right above your post, but I think LJ flagged it as spam so only I can see it.

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