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The First Church of Mulch

It is a faith of small, consistent miracles, damp soil, and hard work.

Also worms. Worms are in there somehow. We haven't worked all the details out yet.

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following alethiometric's example.

The Mulcher's Creed

I believe in mulch, the gardener's almighty, preventer of erosion and weeds; and in worms and bugs, the aerators of soil:
and pollinators drawn to native species, It is spread by the gardener, with aching back. Suffering and dreaming of wine or other spirits.
Mulch is cast across bare soil; sheltering sprouts; fending off weeds, and is cherished by the gardener who likes to be at ease in one's creation, not pulling encroachers from the ground. I believe in mulch, the protector of gardens, the communion of pollinators, the easing of aching backs and life ever growing. Amen.

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