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Sunspot Journal

Sort of in recharge mode, I think, after all the travel recently.

The Sheep game is a weird little visual novel game I started to learn the Ren’Py engine so I could do Cryptic Stitching, and now I switch back and forth and as I learn something on one, I have to go apply it to the other one. Nameless Sheep will probably be done sooner, though, as it’s much, much shorter.

They both feature Sheep Shamans, though. Apparently I have a theme.

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Huzzah for rat snakes! *biglove*

I've got a big black rat snake living in my basement. She comes out through a hole that runs under the foundation and to the side of the house. She scares the hell out of my exterminator every quarter, but she know to leave her alone. My dogs hate her; hate any snake, really. They went nuts when there was a little Eastern King living next to their kennel.

"Sheep Shamans" is a good theme, methinks.

A rat snake is better than rats!

Evidently your garden is Blessed.

This is not related to this post, but I'm currently listening to the most recent KUEC and I have an answer to your question! I'm pretty sure the book you were trying to remember is The Forgotten Door by Alexander H. Key, the author of Escape To Witch Mountain. The books aren't directly related, but I'm pretty sure they're supposed to take place in the same universe.

We have a black rat snake, over six feet long and as big around as a garden hose (I mistook it for one once, and tried to pick it up thinking someone had left a hose lying across the back door step) that lives around the house foundation and yard, but I only see it once every two or three years. It did a marvelous job of scaring the guys replacing our siding by slithering through the day lilies menacingly, and left us its old skin on the patio one spring. It apparently does not care for moles as a diet, because my yard is full of them.

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