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Random Quote

Well, I could.

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What would such a golem's purpose be? Following whaling ships in a menacing fashion?

Greenpeace might be verra upset. Just sayin'...

Pretty sure after the whole Nazca lines debacle, Ursula is of the opinion that upsetting Greenpeace can only be a BONUS here.

Totally agree with you there.

That pissed me off so much. SO MUCH.

I think it would be highly flammable..

You are reminding me of the famous video (made in 1970, popularized by Dave Barry in 1990) of the whale carcass that was "disposed of" with explosives.

that is Oregon ... grin. We do stuff that isnt really thought out sometimes.

Nah, that's whalephants...

Y'know, there's a wizard in Order of the Stick with a fondness for unusual flesh golems.....

Somewhere in the southern pacific ocean, a Japanese whaling ship's captain has suddenly just got a very bad feeling...

You know, a necromantic merfolk would probably make a pretty great character design.

Nope, won't work.
You need I-beams, not rebar for structural integrity.

Have you considered designing minis for casting in pewter?
Maybe for Dark Sword?
They have a lot of frogs, foxes, guinea pigs, mice, cats, dogs... but not a single wombat.

Iron and magic traditionally do not mix. Fresh whale works better and does not smell so bad.

Depends upon the magic system... some of them necromantic magic gets +1 bonus when working with iron, because it's 'bones of the earth'.

Totally with you on the fresh whale though, anything more than a few days old and you'd probably get a +5 poison air attack bonus!

It'd have a smell that could be detected for miles, though.

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