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Inspirational Quote #1

I'm not really good at inspirational quotes.

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... And mentioned in Burnt Offerings, by Laurell Hamilton, when someone was talking about butterflies following around a vampire as his familiar(s).

Maybe not inspiring… but definitely interesting!

Failure to see that such beauty relies on such a source.

This gave me a solid minute of helpless laughing. Now my abs hurt! XD

Also I would like a poster of this, where do I throw money to get one?

Oh, I dont' know about that. You inspired me to go "Mwa-ha-ha!"

May I tweet this? People deserve to know!

The transformation of death and waste into color and beauty - what could be more profound or inspirational! It's perfect! :D

I'd read that the purple emperor feeds on dung and the salts from road surfaces but didn't know that many butterflies feed like that. Does it mean that most of them don't function as pollinators?

No, most of them do! But salts and minerals are lacking in pollen and required in most butterfly diets. When you see them "puddling" it's usually to lick up minerals. So in order to get a balance diet, lots of butterflies seek out salt...which is frequently found in blood, urine, feces, etc.

I saw a video of somebody doing small metallic sodium-into-kiddie-pool stuff at a "Make Things Go Boom" party.

The next morning, little bright blue butterflies were at every puddle in the driveway, lapping it up.

I live in Arizona, and I went hiking at Catalina State Park last weekend. While I was making my way through a dry wash that had occasional bits of damp sand and tiny puddles in it, I was constantly walking through cloud after cloud of little blue-lavender Spring Azure butterflies (Celastrina ladon) that had come to lick up the moisture. There were literally tens of thousands, I'd swear, beautiful little things not much bigger than my thumbnail.

It really was. I've seen them do it before, but not in such numbers! Funny thing was, there's a stream only a couple hundred feet from there full of water, and they weren't interested in that, just in the stuff in the wash; so I'm assuming that these nearly-evaporated scraps of dampness had minerals they needed.

Anyway-- they were truly beautiful.

Reminds me of the parrotfish, which takes bites out of coral, digests the living bits, and then poops out the ground-up rocky remains, which goes on to form the very nice white beaches you find in various tropical locales. It's all parrotfish poop! David Attenborough had a great line about this in one of the Blue Planet documentary videos, but I wasn't able to find it online. The way he says "alluring" has just that perfect bit of subtle snark to it.

I was born and raised where some of those beaches are! I live in the Southwest now, but I'm from the stretch of NW Florida called 'The Emerald Coast' because of the color of the water, which is due to sunlight reflecting off the white sand bottom. I didn't learn about the parrotfish-poop thing until not very long ago; I was a bit surprised, to say the least.....

I didn't know about the carrion bit until I happened to watch the anime "Beautiful Bones". So wonderfully creepy.

I'm inspired! To the wine cabinet!

A friend of mine was teaching polearm skills to a particularly recalcitrant student - student wouldn't hold the polearm closer in because he wanted to maximize his reach, but that also makes it easier to be disarmed. It wasn't until he had me, the foot-shorter petite woman knock the polearm out of his hands a few times (yay hip power!) that he finally acknowledged there might be value to changing his technique. Sometime during this lesson he commented to the stubborn fellow that he should try "eating s**t, eight million flies can't be wrong". (In other words, at least try what the teacher's teaching, especially when it's been proven repeatedly to work well).

This could be an interesting variant on that saying...

Looks to me like you're pretty good at inspirational quotes. ;)

And I recall that you had some great inspirational monsters!

The Aztecs had an underworld goddess named Itzpapalotl, which means "Obsidian/Clawed Butterfly", so this makes sense to me in an odd way.

I dunno, I prefer this to a lot of inspirational quotes I've seen! It's definitely more educational than most.

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