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Are you all sick of fake book covers yet?

I hope not, because I'm on a tear, apparently.

This one is actually a real genuine novella that I gotta finish one of these days, the plot of which involves a lot of waterweed and thorn hedges. Also me playing with font ligatures until my eyes cross. (Once I finalize the design, I'll go back in and smooth out some of the choppier edges on the swirly dealies, but you get the idea.)

This is just another faux supernatural thriller cover for, y'know, kicks.

There are no plans for this book to exist at this time, I just had the photo lying around. But I kerned the hell out of it! SO MUCH KERNING!

That's only for when you do it wrong.

<grabby hands for The Girl Raised By GreenTeeth>

My faux complaint about The Girl Raised by Green Teeth is that there is no skull on it.

Aside from that, OOOOOOOO! NEAT.

Ingrid's book there is very nice. I like the patterning (cracking? shadows? both?) on the stairs.

I am intrigued by the first.
Cracked Stairs sounds a very innocuous title for a horror novel. It sounds more like a Christie style mystery.

Ooh, I love the look of both of these! I really like the colours on the first cover, and the overall look of the title text. (The middle E of "green" draws my eye a bit, though, because it doesn't confirm to the curve below it like the other letters; the middle E of teeth also seems to lean back a little far when the other letters are all more upright.) I also think perhaps the font for T. Kingfisher should be plainer than the title so it doesn't draw your attention away down to the corner.

The second cover looks great! I think this style is really effective. The main issue I can see, though, is that while it would be brilliant on a print book, on an eBook you've got the problem of what it's going to look like at thumbnail size. The first cover still looks fab and striking even when you shrink it down a lot smaller, but the second soon becomes murky and indistinct.

I can do a thumbnail mock-up on my computer and the photo detail turns into a gradient-ish thing. But the title and author are easily readable.

Love the look of "Green Teeth", (It looks fun and creepy at the same time!) but I agree with the other commenter who said the middle E in green is a wee bit jarring. Probably if you swoop the E next to it to kinda meet its height it'll be less jarring? Maybe?

Love the photo on the second one and general look, but have an irrational hate for whatever font that is on the bottom. But suggesting other fonts would inevitably lead me into the time vortex of font browsing, so, uh something less rounded?

Ha! Burning font hatred noted. I'll see what else I can find.

Typography nerd inside me may have peed herself in excitement over the first one this time. Nailed it.

"Popkern novellas"
"Children of the Kern"
"The Amitykern Horror"
I kern go on all day!

- kernoo

"Kernal In the Sun"
"Interview With the Kernpire"
"James and the Giant Kern"
"Kernal Knowledge"


This is all great stuff and you're having a blast...I'm waiting to see what happens when you figure out layers that fade in and out of each other...or make lace reversals of each other, or something fun/strange like that!

Oh, and I read the title as "The Girl Raised" and "by Green Teeth" as the author...until I got to the bottom right corner. It was a very different story that way.

Oh I really like the first one. The font and the edging work perfectly (and I am sooooooo picky about fonts. Easiest way to tell selfpub - you can tell in two seconds by the font right on the cover.)

AAAAAGH JENNY GREENTEETH! My grandmamma used to scare me with her-- she said she'd drag me into the creek up by my Great-Uncle Hank's if I got too close to the water and got messy. (I did anyway, mostly catching tadpoles, but I was absolutely positively certain that Jenny Greenteeth lived in the springmouth of the creek. It made ripples on the surface, and to me that was Ominous.) Wonder how *that* story got to the Deep South?

(Deleted comment)
Ha! I can't imagine I'd have the nerve after doing like four covers. I dunno...commissions are so time intensive. I could see maybe doing pre-made covers where I swap out title and author name at some point, if I decided I really enjoyed the process, but that'd be hard for things like the top one where I'm spending so much time hand-altering fonts.

now I am waiting for a picture of the front of you fridge with the tagline "open it and see whats for dinner"

You're really getting into the swing of this. And not only are your covers gorgeous (yes, there are small details that would improve them, but the overall concepts are sound) but you're not falling into the trap of doing the same cover over and over with small amendments; you're taking different styles and nailing all of them.

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