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Son of Fake Book Cover: Round #5!

Two versions of the Bryony cover today--I have heard and obeyed the lack of love for the slant! I have slanted much harder!

I am skeptical about the bee. The problem is that clockwork bees are inherently small and fiddly, and it just doesn't read all that clearly. But I do think it needs something in that dead space. So some fiddling around with petal shapes over there. (I have tried putting words in. Words don't seem happy there at all...)

Adding the black border makes it read a little bit more dark fantasy to me, weirdly enough. That may JUST be me, though. And I know, I know, borders are like licking your knife in public. SOMETIMES I LIKE THE TASTE, OKAY!?

(I, uh, have no immediate plans to replace all the existing covers, for the record. I won't swear that I won't at some point, but I'd need to put matching covers on all three and that's so much work that I shudder to contemplate. Though I'm pretty pleased with the Greenteeth one.)

Y'all know--I hope!--that I value your input by now...

I do like the black border!

That's fantastic! I prefer the version without the bee, but you're the artist.

I agree - the black border, the elegant curves, they all play nicely. The bee does kind of stick out on the other version, and you lose some of the silhouette detail in the flower.

I love the black border - it makes the cover feel like layered paper or a shadow puppet play.

And squee for the wee, adorable bee - though I'm not sure cartoony detail and luscious curves are entirely compatible. I was expecting more a silhouette.

Even knowing where to look for it, it took me a second to find the author name.

I adore the little bee! Keep the bee! Keep it!

Edited at 2016-05-20 02:41 am (UTC)

I personally prefer the light border, as I feel it creates a more cohesive whole and lets the dark text of the title really stand out as the focal point. But either way, the bee stays. It STAYS, damn it.

I love the bee, but then I've already read the book...also love the black border.

There is nothing wrong with borders! A number of my quilts have been greatly improved by adding borders!

Also, those both look gorgeous.

i love the bee. LOVE.

I like the bee! But I find it hard to read the T. Kingfisher in the stem like that.

100% agree with the black border reading more 'dark fantasy'. Also the new place for author name is great-- it has the bonus of being a little more upright and easier to read.

I've read a comment by a color-blind person that red and black look alike to the color blind.
I wonder whether it would work to just have the name in (white? pink? it looks pink to me) lettering, with the same curve as though it were an odd sort of stem.

I like the black border as well. Maybe try a different tack with the bee, have its face be larger and peering over a leaf or petal.

alternatively to the bee, you don't have to stick to strictly three colors, you could paint in some faint petal details in off white or light pink on the white flower, maybe some background suggestions with darker red?

I like the border AND the bee, m'self...

I love the bee, though it sort of weights the composition further right. Also, it emphasizes the fadeyness of the ampersand into a rosy squiggle; if I didn't know the title of the book, I'd think it was Bryony Roses, especially in the version with the bee.

The black border with black flower stems immediately makes me think of V.C. Andrews.

Edited at 2016-05-20 06:33 am (UTC)

I am digging the black border and the text on the vine and bonus petals in the 2nd version.

I like the design of this bee, I miss the bee when it's not there, but I'm not sure about this bee in this composition. (I bet it does not read in thumbnail view at all, but, on the other hand, it might be a fun discovery if/when seen at a larger size!) I will say, having been "probably wouldn't pick up this bee-less cover" last time, the black border and layered thing really does make me feel more interested in this book I'm pretending I know nothing about beyond the cover.