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Son of Bride of Fake Book Cover By Her First Marriage: Round #6

Running out the door to the airport, so only one tweak today!

May put this one to bed--I'm fairly happy with the design, though I may wake in the night screaming "THE BEE! THE BEE!"

Anyway, see y'all on the other side of this literacy festival...

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.... oh but the bee though <3

Very lovely, the Author name is very legible and not hidden.

The bee is not truely gone, he's just behind a petal where we can't see him.

This may be my monitor, but a tiny nitpick - I see a tiny red line above the thorn on the black border - I would inch it up so that it is exactly overlapping the black line. This of course may just be how my monitor is aliasing things.

I keep calling this Byrony and Roses instead of Bryony and Roses in my head.

It's not just you. The white thorn looks like it is one pen-line-width below the black border line, but only has red above it.

"I keep calling this Byrony and Roses instead of Bryony and Roses in my head."

Same here! The Roses That Resemble Lord Byron ...

Love it!

Re the bee*: Maybe make it just black and entirely out of clockwork?

/ o \

[where o O 0 = various gears and / \ = whatever you want to use for leggy bits]

ETA: it's screwing up my ASCII art. Looks OK in the edit, though. Sorry.

* I am now chanting "Re the bee! Re the bee!" in my head.

Edited at 2016-05-20 05:02 pm (UTC)

For ASCII art, you need to put a <pre> tag at the top and a </pre> at the bottom. Then you get an effect like this:

/ o \

(ETA: Though I'd recommend doing the ASCII art in Notepad or something, then pasting it in, not doing it by eye in the comment box, because the font in the comment box has different proportions from the font it will be displayed in.)

Edited at 2016-05-20 11:07 pm (UTC)

By George, I think you've got it!

Oh, I LOVE this! I think it looks incredibly, and as painful as the loss of the bee is I think perhaps less is more.

Also, it is a cover which makes me want to write, for whatever that's worth.

instead of a bee why not a clockwork Ladybug?

because the bee is in the book
not a ladybug
(this is a real book that already exists)

Edited at 2016-05-20 09:29 pm (UTC)

visually its a precursor to the next book ... grin.

Hmm. I do kind of agree that that white space could use a detail. Maybe make the bee entirely red cutout, if you think the black bee was too dominating?

I miss the bee, but it's a lovely cover all the same.


To Bee, or not to Bee....

*** runs! ***

I thought there was only one bee

** ducks**

Make the and sign into the bee without losing its ampersandness (if you can I'm no artist so don't know if it is physically possible - you know sort of like the duck/rabbit optical illusion - viewed one way its an ampersand and another it's a bee)

The ampersand in red is easy to overlook as a flourish on the rose, making the title read as "Bryony Roses". So it probably needs to be black. And maybe needs to be this style & instead, but that may not work with the lettering style so maybe not.

I like the bee on the petal, but I could also understand it being too busy, if that's why it was removed.

I like it. I'm in the "don't miss the bee" camp. when it comes to book covers, less is more.

I can see what others mean with the thorn on the red/black border line. I think it's an optical illusion involving bleed. However, shifting the thorn up/down the stem a little bit will fix that problem.

T. Kingfisher stories

I went looking for your T. Kingfisher books and didn't find a lot in the way of printed books. Do you expect that to change? Audio and e-book editions aren't my preferred media...

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