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5-22-16 Journal

I am starting to suspect that I am staring down the barrel of a plague. Woo.

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Hopefully the alcohol will kill whatever bugs you have picked up.

I have one question, what do fledglings of sun and clouds look like? A interesting hybrid I must admit.

Who is Bravely Second and why are you in bed with them?

I am certain that the kids loved hearing about the lawn crayfish. I showed my 7 year old your last post about lawn crayfish and now he talks about it all the time!

Bravely Second, yessssssssss. I am still early on but enjoying it so much. (I loved the first one, too, despite All of Chapter Two and the pacing problems of the back half.)

I know of no child who would not be thrilled to learn about lawn crayfish. Their parents, on the other hand, might regret a child's need to dig up the entire lawn to try and find these elusive animals. Still, on the whole, I would call it a victory.

I am busily trying to squeeze every last second out of the Not Hotter Than The Sun weekends that we've been having, so I spent yesterday prepping the side of the house for the rock path that's being installed, and today busily trying to put a border around the day-lily bed because my neighbors (although lovely and possessed of three amazing bulldogs) fear the day-lily bed. Which, to be fair, isn't an unreasonable fear. It's mostly day-lilies fighting a holding action against bermuda grass, blackberry brambles and kudzu with the occasional poison ivy vine thrown in for good measure. I'm hoping the border will at least define the area of attack and keep back most of the bermuda grass. (Nothing will keep back the blackberries and the kudzu except for vigilance and fire.) Which is all just to say that I envy you day of lounging.

Whee! And I thought the flights from Charlotte up to Roanoke were short -- the flight to Raleigh must be a tiny little hop indeed! Sigh for all of the delays, though.

I am 100% sure the kids loved the crayfish stories.

Yes. They will remember this Author Talk enthusiastically for the rest of their lives.

did the woman hiss Evil-Lynn or Evalin?

Ursula, if you're still on the edge of sickness, maybe try a hot bath? As hot as you can stand, for as long as it stays warm. That often helps dispell germs.

The Lawn Crayfish will stick with the kids in a good way. You could also tell them stories about Thrush-Bob and the other Bobs of the garden, too and get away with it. Especially Thrush-Bob. The fact that a shy bird likes to hang out on your deck in the winter and eat mealworms, knocks on the window to ask for more and the like is also something they will adore.

That's something kids enjoy a lot - stories about nature and things in them. I'm reminded of the time I stopped at the Mark Twain cave in Hannibal, MO on my way to babysit my niece and nephew. While they both like stories, my niece grilled me for three days because she wanted nothing but cave stories. "Real" or "Fake" (ie nonfiction/fiction) didn't matter. I had to tell stories about the cave. Her little brother was all about the alphabet and the letter "X" when he wasn't Disney channeling (he was 5 at the time.)

*wishes you some strong ginger/lemon tea. With seafoam honey, if you like honey in your tea.*

Look, if I had been a small child in the audience, I would have been equal parts delighted and horrified to learn about Lawn Crayfish. Heck, I'm equal parts delighted and horrified *now.* I wouldn't say that counts as "losing the thread of a talk" :)

I really need to get out more if I missed a book festival in my own back yard! I'm glad your trip to Knoxville was a good one!

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