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Journal 5-24-16

As affirmations go, "I have not yet failed" is probably never gonna compete with "All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well" but some days it's the one that really resonates.

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I really like the not-quite-Maleficent doodle. She seems sad, but awesome. I want to give her some hot chocolate.
I'm sorry deadlines are stressing you, but I am looking forward to seeing you at ConCarolinas. I have gifts! and some of them aren't even for KUEC!

Poor Chicken is looking stressed too.

Best of Luck and take one step at a time and most of all - breathe!

Yep. Red Queen's Syndrome.
I fully sympathize!

Take time after not feeling well to get back up to speed.

the horror writer thing makes sense. i once read (ages ago; forget where) that stephen king is terrified of EVERYTHING ... which, given how prolific he is, it makes sense. plus i've driven around orono, maine, and the umaine campus (where he went/spent a lot of time) and that place is creepy as all get out. one of (many) reasons i chose not to go to school there ...

"Dum spiro, spero" - "while I breathe, I hope".

Much sympathy and I hope that things ease off a bit.

I have been lending my copies of the Dragonbreath books to the daughter of a friend at work, by the way. She loves them.

Quote of the day. Thanks -- that resonates with me, too.

Sounds like a pretty productive day if you ask me.

Thanks for sharing.


I am SO EXCITED for this future horror novel. I seriously doubt that the authors are more scared than I am, however. My own random thoughts scare me. Maybe I should be writing horror novels.

Also, it doesn't matter what you got done and what you didn't get done. Look at all this stuff you get to do! That you actually like doing! Don't forget to enjoy that. As long term adoring fans, we still love you regardless.

Maybe horror writing is mostly about getting control of what you're afraid of. If you write it, it does what you want and isn't that scary anymore.
Which kind of means, you get rid of your fears by passing them on to your readers.

That could be a book.

Isn't your birthday... soon? Or recently? Anyway, happy birthday!

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