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5-27-16 Journal

Usually it is the dog who is enthusiastic and the cat who is ambivalent or hostile.

having turned 39 in march, it is astonishing how soon that becomes 'almost 40'.

KEEP DOODLING! *hugs* have a happy tomorrow, too.

My inability to find a useful laptop bag has led to my purchase of a high-end diaper bag. Much more thought seems to have gone into the design.

Does the laptop bag need padding?
I've had the middle size of one of these, worn it daily for the past 5+ years and it's still looking like brand new.


Hoppy Birdy, and... how are you younger than I am? O_o

Hippo birdie two ewes!

I've been 39 now for about 24 years; it's a good age to be.

Happy birthday! *\o/* <- pompoms for you!

I'm 17 years ahead of you, and it's all still pretty damn fine :)

Happy 39th!

What program do you use for iPad doodling?

Also, Happy Birthday!

Procreate, the best program with the worst name.

Happy early spawning day :)

LJ thinks your birthday is today, so right on the border of two days, Happy Thirty-nine! The age to stop aging, famously, but I suspect you'll like all the future one...hope so, and hope there are many!

Happy Birthday!
I, too, do a thing where I start rounding my age up a few months before my actual birthday. In my case because it somehow seems disingenuous to me to claim the younger age when the birthday is near. My brain is weird.

A slightly early birthday greeting
As LJ runs on Zulu time
While garden birds are not yet tweeting
No doubt your friends are, some in rhyme

You manage to squeeze from each day
Delightful thoughts (and illustrated!)
Recall, when you think back this way,
That youth like yours ain't overrated

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle