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Do Not Remove Journal 5-29-16

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes!

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Belated Happy Birthday!

Yes. Also - only $10.00 for those things? More worry.

Those are dummy "practice grenades."

So counting and throwing a rock won't do? Do these have a little sign that pops out and waves a flag that says KABLOOIE? No, okay, I know that people need practice handling things and being able to go directly to autopilot so they don't freeze when it's real - but as soon as I read the above I saw the little flag. :)

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When in actual use, there is a live fuse and detonator in the top. No explosive charge, but it counts and goes bang.

As long as the brain is engaged, my hands can do mindless things for hours!

Totally off topic:

My sister who lives in Chapel Hill wants to know if you have a magical method for eradicating Japanese Stilt Grass. It has swamped the parkland behind her and it's all she can do to kill the advance guard in her yard.

I told her, if anybody has an Earth friendly local solution, it would be you. The books say to do a controlled burn which is not feasible.

Out of curiosity, why is the controlled burn not feasible? NC's so wet that you rarely have to worry about starting a wildfire or anything.

Sadly, my method is...controlled burn. We got a weed dragon. In the beds, I pull. It's shallow runner end, so a barrier may work somewhat, but it seeds like devil.

I wish I had a better answer, but frankly, I'm overrun with it too and haven't been able to stop it. It's monstrous here in the south. The only thing that's ever worked for me is to pull, mulch with a HUGE amount of bark chips, and then burn right before they set seed, and even that's just a holding action to keep it from getting worse. I'm hoping someone invents a miracle cure or imports a bug or something, because it is NASTY.

Sounds a bit like my ordeal with Morning Glory. I've only managed to keep it controlled by ripping it out at first sight and digging up as much of the roots as I can find, but it keeps coming back.

Rather fond of this place, hide your credit card before clicking...


Happy Belated Birthday!

Glad you had an awesome one!

(Deleted comment)
Obligatory Monty Python quote about hand grenades.

Have you listened to Tumanbay? It's a BBC podcast (free to listen to the whole season on their website!) that's gotten really good reviews. A bit too bloody for my taste, alas.

I read your twitter feed but I'm not on twitter, so I'm responding to your questions about Patreon over here.

Not counting you, I'm supporting 3 people on Patreon.

One provides nothing but their usual blog posts. That's fine; I signed up for their Patreon because I can support the books by buying them but I also like to support the regular blog posts which bring me enjoyment.

One provides some online perks that I ignore.

One provides occasional short vignettes or story snippets that go out by email to Patreon supporters. I enjoy these a lot, but I didn't sign up just for them.

So I suppose my conclusion is, you do you. I'm happy to have you also in the "supporting these highly enjoyable blog posts" category. Definitely don't need more stuff, not even electronic stuff.

Thank you! Feedback appreciated. It is all swirling around in my fevered brain and at some point may splortch out.

What worries me more is the two pins lying at the bottom of the box!

The Italian bag does look very similar to Indian Jones' bag.

Yes! The pins in the bottom of the box worried me too!

Had to comment on the bag, military surplus is great fun since armies like to have specially made bags for their equipment, so there's so very many interesting sizes with all kinds of pockets, hooks and other useful things, and people rarely think to look there. Oh, and actually surplus is often cheap too.

I have that bag, too, though I've yet to use it! (we bought it on sale). (the Advanced Tactical Hipster). I got it for commuting via bus and for craft fairs and the like. ;-D

Audiobooks! I love listening to audiobooks when I'm doing boring manual labor stuff.

Happy belated Birthday!! :3

Edited at 2016-06-01 05:51 pm (UTC)

Oh, Hey! Nevermind. I jumped to an erroneous conclusion when I saw the Topatoco store.

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