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Cactus and Sea Witch Journal

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Poor Chicken looks very nervous of the sea Witch. Well, if you were ever tempted to cosplay...

I love the prickly pear flowers!

Ursula the Sea Witch is my favorite Disney villain. She loves herself and what she does, and she is a big lady who moves like she owns the room. She's got a great voice, strong presence, and all the power to make it stick. And yeah, the moray eels are great sidekicks.

I adore Ursula, too, but I only just learned a couple of weeks ago that she was inspired by the drag queen Divine. How did I not know that before?!?

OK. Now I have to go read The Sea Witch Sets the Record Straight again!

If your prickly pears bear fruit this year... I have a recipe for prickly pear jelly, if you want it. Delicious; it's spoiled me for any other kind of jelly.

Burning weeds? In a bonfire? You must have a lot of weeds. Not that I would know. I can identify dandilions when they flower and when they are puffballs. and that's the limit of my gardening knowledge, although I have learned from you that mulch is involved.

They have a flame-thrower thing that I eye with envy.

Is that Sebastian skewered in her drink?


lol. I noticed the face, then the tattoo & then him although at first I thought it was one of those shrimp she snacked on in the movie...until I looked a bit closer.

Love Ursula and love Pat Carroll. Always thought it fun that one of Cinderella's evil stepsisters (TV movie, 1965, Leslie Ann Warren is my Cinderella) grew up to be the Sea Witch. She's got IMDB credits from 1951 until last year; that's a hella career.

Edited at 2016-05-31 02:06 am (UTC)

That top corner, reads to me, thinking about thunder-painted ladies in the garden, and I like this image. O:>

Also like the art. Yay, flowers!

Now those would be awesome butterflies, probably related to the one that causes hurricanes with a single flap of its wings.

Thats A-more-ray! (to the tune of Thats Amore)

you have most excellent taste...

When the eel on the reef
Has your leg in his teeth,
That's a moray...

I date from the era when Sleeping Beauty was first in the theatres - and my favorite has always been the evil Queen with her Raven. *She* wasn't waiting around for help or permission or validation. Hah. :)

Maleficent is my favorite Disney character, hands down, ever. I was, I think, three when I first saw Sleeping Beauty, and I had nightmares for weeks after about the dragon and the fire and the things. But Maleficent stuck. She was unapologetically powerful, and she turned into a dragon. When the live action version came out, I sent friends to the theater first to make sure that it was okay. (It was. It was totally better than okay.) Because if Disney fucked with my Queen, I was going to have to storm a castle. Maybe with a dragon.

I was very tired when I read this, and my vision had started swimming a bit. I read that as "I had German chocolate cake auditing me." and I thought, I don't know what an audit like that might even involve, but German chocolate cake can audit me any day! Sounds delicious. I get weird when I'm tired. Well, more weird.

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